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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.


OCETS guarantees the learners of English the following :

A. They will become fluent in speaking and writing English within a fantastically short time - say, within 100 hours' teaching, if students do their duties honestly and responsibly.

B. They will have the thrill of experiencing 5,700 totally new items in English, unknown to the world.

C. Those 5,700 items are :

(a) The entire English Language is divided into 1,877 types of expressions of ideas or 1,877 types of sentences, starting from the smallest, gradually progressing in size and ending up in the biggest or scholarly type, and taught to our students to equip them with the capacity to handle English under every circumstance and satisfy their needs in life, most efficiently, effectively and with high self confidence.

(b) 1,877 techniques or formulae have been invented to teach 1,877 types of sentences, which can be compared to 1,877 toffees or chocolates for the students to savour and enjoy the learning, that converts them into owners of 1,877 types of sentences in English to handle them absolutely independently and efficiently.

(c) All the 1,877 sentences in English will have 1,877 new usages or formations of Verb, making the greatest curiosity and excitement in learning the language, enabling the learners to become the best communicators/ scholars in English. If you want to know the real value or effect of learning this item, you have to ask any PhD holder in English or the greatest scholar you know in English to tell 500 or at least 250 new usages of Verb in English.

(d) The balance 69 out of 5,700 new items (after deducting three times 1,877 from 5,700) are : utterly new items or headings, in the five books (four volumes of the Original Communicative English Text Book and The Importance of PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT). They are :

(i) Among them, the most valuable one is the technique to ‘Think in English directly'. Without this ability, one cannot handle the language naturally, flexibly and confidently. Moreover, without this quality, one will have to think the original ideas in one's own mother tongue and translate into English, which will expose the incumbent to make mistakes and cause delay in expression. Another difficulty one may face is that even the known words in English may not flow out quickly; one will have to struggle to get the word on time; it will not come out easily and automatically as in one's own mother tongue. If one learns this technique, one can use it in as many languages as one knows almost automatically or with slight self-training.

(ii) The next is the mysterious secrets of Language Science in general and those in the English Language in particular. The Text Books will explain all these.

(iii) Initially, sentences are taught with one word each in the Actor (Subject), Action (Verb) and the Receiver of Action (Object) columns. But to learn to increase words in each column to several or many words, one has to learn only one technique.

(iv) The lesson on "40 Prepositions (40 Magicians)" : If one learns 1,000 Nouns and Pro-nouns together with 40 Prepositions as taught in this system, the vocabulary strength of the learner will become 1,000 x 40 = 40,000 (not 1,000 + 40).

(v) The lesson on "20 Conjunctions ( 20 Wizards)" give the learner 20 times improvement in the English Language with regard to accuracy of language, standard of language, complicated usages in language etc.

(vi) Various lessons on five words in English called "The Emperors in English" (can, may, should, must and ought to), including the "Bermuda Triangle of English", where under existing system if teachers venture to teach this area, both the teaching faculty and the learners will sink and die, in confusion, doubt, irrationality and illogical thinking.

(vii) Building up of a safe Fly Over in the new system will help the learners cross over the Bermuda Triangle and reach the other side safely, with ease and comfort.

(viii) Introduction of a new word in English to erase the existing shortage to ask questions correctly and directly to get answers like "Narendra Modi is the 15th Prime Minister of India", together with the style of asking the question.

(ix) Many headings are there in the book "The Importance of PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT which relate to Personality Development techniques and Mind Power Development Technology. Here the involved principles are "Without high Mind Power, high-level or extraordinary performance cannot be expected from any professional whatever may be his academic qualification and degrees. Without proper personality development, a candidate cannot be smart, energetic and enthusiastic in being a leader with managerial skills and aptitude, to be considered highly employable and a successful person in life.

REMARKS : Our pass outs will possess ‘immense communication skill in English, adequate personality development, leadership qualities, supported by managerial skills, excellent characteristics (acquired from 33 gentlemanly qualities to be developed and 26 Vices to be erased from their personality), polished behaviour, exemplary attitude and ideal interpersonal relationship, to become the most wanted MENTAL GIANTS or MENTAL LIONS/TIGERS to be recruited through CAMPUS INTERVIEWS into high positions to show visible results in their future career or to be invited into high positions by reputed employers. When they are also professionally qualified, sky is the only limit for them to occupy lucrative high positions in big multi-national corporates without any nationality-boundaries.


1. Duration - O.C.E. - let us extent it to 3 months or 4 months instead of 34 days.

1. " - M.A. E.L. - 4 years.

2. O.C.E. has a perfectly well designed English building, described under Map Of Language, which has 1,877 rooms (to store 1,877 types of sentences in English, one in each room), in 15 floors to store all types of sentences belonging to one Tense in each floor.

2. In M.A. E.L. a student has to imagine the English Building according to their mental capacity, most of the students never succeeding in making any picture at all.

3. In O.C.E., The course teaches "How to make all the 1,877 types of sentences in English, beyond which students do not have to bother anything, to speak or write in English. There is no question of anybody failing, because teachers teach students to make sentences and speak and write systematically.

3. In M.A. E.L., sentences are available in the prescribed books, but students do not know how many types are available altogether. Moreover, students do not learn to make those sentences. Students who are born to English may succeed to make their own sentences easily, others will have difficulty.

4. In O.C.E., students are taught to make 1,877 types of sentences by using 1,877 types of techniques or formulae. They do not have to bother beyond these in their life.

4, In M.A. E.L., no such thing is talked about, or taught. Students have to read the prescribed books. That is all.

5. In O.C.E., 1,877 new formations or usages of Verb are taught, each increasing the knowledge and command in English gradually and steadily, leading to reach top level of scholarliness in English, equipping high level self confidence to handle English in life.

5. In M.A. E.L., there is nothing of this sort; students suffer from want of proper knowledge, skill, command and self confidence.

6. In O.C.E., if a student has spent sufficient hours to acquire perfect knowledge systematically, they will be able to perform, prove or bring out result through assignments accepted by them. They will prove to be real asset for their own family, their community, the society and also the nation.

6. In M.A. E.L., most of the students succeed only in showing their Certificate and Mark Sheet. Very selected few succeed in life and becomes useful to others.

7. In O.C.E., students are given guarantee that during teaching, they will have no ‘doubt, confusion or misunderstanding'. Instead, there will be delivery of perfect and useful knowledge every hour, throughout the course. That will provide great mental satisfaction and comfort to the students.

7. In M.A. E.L., majority of the students will be worried whether they will understand anything, because they attend the course without proper base or foundation in the language, or speaking ability from the M.A. E.L course.

8. In O.C.E., students have to practise to recite hundreds of sample sentences at each level, keeping in their mind, the picture of all the objects and actions in the sentence till they get fluency in that level. Because of this single activity, their Mind Power Development will become many times more during the course, which will help them in their future life to take right decisions and also solve their own and others' problems and also answer any questions which they have not studied.

8. In M.A. E.L., there is no such practice demanded from the students. Mainly the students will be expected to answer questions prepared on the basis of the prescribed books. These items may have no relevance in the students' future life, making the study totally subjective rather than being objective.

9. In O.C.E., the English Language has been divided into Spoken and Written areas and all the 752 types under the Spoken and 1,125 types under the Written area are taught one by one, allowing the student to be the master of both areas to get over all control of the total English Language.

9. In M.A. E.L., there is no such division first of all. Moreover, all types of sentences are not taught. The books prescribed for the M.A. E.L. books contain always the hard or written language only. Since the students are not exposed to spoken area of the language, they have less chance of having command over the spoken area.

10. In O.C.E., the syllabus prescribes that three selected types of sentences in English guarantee the learner to speak elementary language (child-level); 15 types of sentences guarantee the learner to speak Adult level language; all the 1,877 types of sentences guarantee the learner to be the MASTER or the Best Communicator in English, giving the learner the self confidence of a global conqueror.

10. There is no such division possible in M.A. E.L. There students are deprived of such an excitement and self satisfaction.

11. In O.C.E., a totally new knowledge is available : "Every sentence in every language has a purpose; without purpose, there is no sentence in any language". (The text book will convince you about this). All the 1,877 types of sentences in English can be divided, according to their purpose, into 32 Families of Sentences, because, there are altogether 32 purposes in English. So, the system teaches 32 families of sentences instead of 1,877 types of sentences, making the study much easier. Four of 32 families cover 90 to 95% areas, leaving only 5% to 10% for 28 families, according to practical usage. Some of the

families of sentences are never used by some people in their whole life. So, when we have to decide which type of sentence is to be selected for a purpose, we have to look into four categories of sentences only; only if it is not there, we have to bother about 28 others. This is an extraordinary secret in our students making decisions about "Which type of sentence is to be selected for a purpose", whereas others will take long time to make that decision.

11. There is nothing of this type of short cut in M..A. E.L.

12. There is a Scientific Teaching Technology in O.C.E. First three types of sentences are taught one by one. Then a jugglery is used to combine these three types of sentences to make the practice as a single item, increasing the speed of teaching 300% faster. Then that style is followed till reaching 18 types of sentences in English. At that point a new technique is taught to juggle all the 18 types into a single exercise, making the speed of teaching into 1,800% faster. Balance area of the whole English Language is taught in that style within 5% time than taken by others, (to make the students travel in Super Jet Aero plane) creating a miracle in teaching a language most successfully and the fastest.

12. There is nothing like this in the M.A. E.L.

13. If JN's seventh invention "The Language Teaching Technology" is introduced and implemented, all the trained teachers under that system will be able to guarantee their students that they will speak each language they learn within a reasonably short time. But for that, the whole world will have to do on all languages of the world, what JN has prescribed in the write up of LANGUAGE TEACHING TECHNOLOGY (read from the website) or what he has done in English during his personal research for the last 56 years.


It is a pity that after 39 years of making the invention, there is no truly educated person in high position or authority in India, who has understood the importance of the Original Communicative English teaching system, invented by the natural philologist of India, Inventor Jacob Nettikkadan who is also the Director of J.N. BEST ENGLISH TEACHERS, KOCHI, and implemented that system for the benefit of the ordinary citizens of India or to incorporate it through the school curriculum, so that all the school children could get perfect, useful and scholarly knowledge in English, absolutely free from CONFUSION, DOUBT AND MISUNDER-STANDING to become true scholars in English, with highly developed personality and tall level MIND POWER to become MENTAL GIANTS or MENTAL LIONS/TIGERS and prove to be 100% ACTUAL PERFORMERS in life and not mere TALKERS. But at the same time, the University Authorities in India, who may be referred to "MENTAL ILLITERATES and MORAL IDIOTS" by the late N. A. Palkivala, the then famous Supreme Court Advocate for all Constitutional matters, are still continuing to promote B.A./M.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE COURSES or Duplicate or False COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH COURSES of two or four year duration full time courses, compelling the students to waste their TIME, MONEY, EFFORTS and HOPE OF FUTURE, because the students go home nearly empty handed after the English Language

Courses and remain unemployed often, because they lack self confidence to handle English. However, the teachers (no, PROFESSORS) are extremely happy, because some of them earn more than Rs.1,00,000 (Rupees One Hundred Thousand) per month as salary or Rs.60,000 (Rupees Sixty Thousand) per month as pension, to be the "HAPPY GO LUCKY" people.

Rationally and logically thinking people cannot be happy on this state of affairs, because a question may come up in some minds at least : "Will these authorities invite a BLOODY REVOLUTION which the former Soviet Union or France witnessed, and our future people will have to arrange Solemn Requiem Masses in Churches to pray for and wish R.I.P. for those teachers and educational authorities who perish in the revolution. True education must produce sensible people, thinking people, wise people – not mere Degree holders alone who think irrationally, illogically and unwisely.


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