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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.



This is the 54th year of Jacob Nettikkadan’s (J.N.’s) private research in the linguistic field, to invent a sure method of teaching English to people who have not learned to speak English at home as is the case in England and make them speak English fluently and confidently, within a short period.  Out of this research at home as a hobby for these long 54 years, he has made six major inventions starting with the “Scientific Methodology To Learn Foreign Languages” in 1978 (which has been renamed as ‘Original Communicative English’ teaching system.  If all the six inventions are properly understood by the people and are implemented assiduously everywhere, we can expect a totally different world, where people will behave sensibly, intelligently and wisely to bring about a happy, peaceful and prosperous life for all.  Details of these six inventions are available under the sub-heading “TEN ITEMS OF JACOB NETTIKKADAN’S CONTRIBUTIONS” in websites  /  .org  OR  /  .org


In the beginning of July, 2014, Mr. Nettikkadan has made a combined proposal to the Hon. Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi for implementing the above mentioned three items : i.e.  (1)  An Educational FIVE YEAR PLAN to make graduates and post graduates speak fluent English,  (2)  A total REVAMP OF EDUCATION,  (3)  Introduction of an INNOVATIVE METHODOLOGY TO TEACH ENGLISH in all schools in India.  The main aim of all these is to ensure our students possessing high Mind Power, vigorous intelligence, high degree of Communication Skill in two or three languages, self-confidence, besides enriching their personality to make them active, energetic, enthusiastic, and dynamic, filled with lovable behaviour, excellent characteristics, sincere leadership qualities and practical managerial aptitude etc. so that they will be worthy employees for their employers, or be own business entrepreneurs and at the same time a great asset for the whole nation.


                                                OTHER  EXPECTED  BENEFITS


1.  When these proposals are implemented in India, the most visible extra outcome will be that the new generation will distinguish the ‘Truly educated people’ from the mere ‘degree holders’.  They will expect the ‘truly educated people’ to prove that they are educated by demonstrating their maturity of mind through their knowledge, skills, self confidence, excellent characteristics, lovable attitude, gentlemanly behaviour, leadership qualities and managerial aptitude whereas the ‘mere degree holders’ may show only their marks and degrees.  The ‘truly educated’ will surely show ‘positive attitude’ always, favouring helpful, friendly, useful and constructive outcome,  whereas the ‘mere ‘degree holders’ may adopt ‘negative attitude’ and ‘negative leadership’, creating unpleasantness, contradiction, conflicts, pain, loss and hardship for others.  We need a country ruled by  ‘the truly educated people’ and not by the ‘mere degree holders’.  To improve this condition, the Government may arrange evaluation and audit of University degree holders everywhere and if ‘true education is absent’ in the graduates and post graduates, it may withdraw the ‘Central Government Recognition’ of degrees and withhold all sorts of funding to Universities.  When there is no ‘Government Recognition’ and funding to Universities, there will be a strive for quality education in general to sustain in the educational field, or close down. 


When the ‘truly educated’ become  bureaucrats, Government employees etc. they will be conscious of the fact :  The bureaucrats and the public servants together (about 2% of the population) eat up the lion’s share of 98% people’s contribution to the Government income and try to serve the people honestly and sincerely.


2.  The new generation people will distinguish and honour ‘performers’ (men of action) and ignore and push behind the mere ‘talkers’ (people who end up in talks only, or the worthless talkers).  People of new era will realize the fact that ‘mere talkers’ cannot bring about any progress or change in a country.  For the progress of a country ‘real planners and performers who can show visible results’ are needed.  The general public should be inspired to give importance for such people, appreciate them, support them and also promote them.  If the media also adopts this principle, there will  be less news (reducing the worthless subjects and useless people’s affairs), thereby the country’s standard and performance will improve.  When the media focuses on the worthy or the useful performers mainly instead of dealing with the worthless people, their controversies and falsehood, all the people will be inspired to do something useful and be good performers, producing visible results contributing to the real progress of the nation.


3.   Hundreds more of similar benefits also can be expected when sincere implementation of the inventions and discoveries are complete.


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