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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.



Objective :  To produce proficient, competent, exemplary, devoted, committed and result producing English Teachers who can impart useful, perfect and scholarly knowledge 100% accurately, clearly, completely and convincingly in the English language to guarantee quick communication skill and scholarly knowledge in the learners free from confusions, doubts and misunderstandings.

Qualification of candidates :  Graduates/ Postgraduates, fluent in Written and Spoken English, having the aptitude to teach successfully.  

Period of training :  3 months from selection after attending a pre-selection course for one month paying @ Rs.3,400.00 +  Rs.900 for text books and proving to possess high mental energy, enthusiasm, dynamism, smartness, excellent leadership qualities and abilities, initiative, drive, managerial skills, sense of responsibilities and teaching aptitude.

Capacity to be developed :   To conduct the Original Communicative English course independently and most satisfactorily, as prescribed by the inventor Jacob Nettikkadan, using his English Text Book “Easy Way To Learn English" in four volumes along with “The Importance of Personality Development".  

Faculty Training fee :   For Indians -  Total : Rs.2,50,000/- (Rupees Two lakhs, fifty thousand only or two hundred fifty thousand). Rs.1,50,000 payable on admission, Rs.50,000 on completion of a month’s training.  Balance Rs.50,000 on completion of two months’ training.  This amount includes the cost of issuing Trained Faculty Licence for BEST ENGLISH TEACHRS which will be valid for 7 (seven) years from its date of issue in Indian territory only, to be used as per rules given below.  After training, if they want to go abroad and teach, they have to obtain an International Faculty Licence for BEST ENGLISH TEACHRS by paying an extra amount of Rs.1,00,000 (Rupees One Lakh or Rupees One hundred thousand).

For Foreign Nationals -  Total :  Rs.3,40,000/- (Rupees Three lakhs, forty thousand only or Rupees three hundred forty thousand).  Rs.2,00,000/- payable on admission; Rs.90,000/- on completion of a month’s training.  Balance Rs.50,000/- on completion of two months’ training.  This amount includes the cost of issuing Trained Faculty Licence for BEST ENGLISH TEACHERS which will be valid to be used for teaching Original Communicative English for 7 (five) years, in foreign countries, to be used as per rules given below.


If  you undergo our three month long " Best English Teachers' Training" after passing in the pre-selection course of one month, and succeed in getting the BEST ENGLISH TEACHER’S LICENCE, you can become a rare English Teacher in this country, get a quick job, earn a handsome income, enviable respect, love, recognition and unmatched satisfaction from your teaching life – all without paying any donation at all.  Now some B.Ed degree holders pay Rs.30,00,000/- to Rs.40,00,000/- for getting a teacher's job. But our training will make you a competent, confident, committed and most distinguished English Teacher to get a Teacher's job without paying any donation at all. Or you can run a Communicative English course with guaranteed results and earn a fabulous amount for seven years.  That is because, after our training, you can guarantee your students the below-given five items :  

 (1) Useful, perfect and scholarly knowledge about English every hour of your class, 100% accurately, clearly, completely and convincingly.  So,  your students will have 'no confusions, doubts or misunderstandings' about what they study from you. (2)  Further, you can share the secret of how to think in English directly to dive into English fluency very quickly. (3) You can ensure quick communication skill in your students. (4) You can also offer ten times more knowledge in English than they have got in their whole life, because you can learn from us over 5,700 new things in English, invented and/or discovered by us, which are added to the English teaching system brought to India by the British centuries ago.  During the  British period, students were learning only to read and write English and never to speak. (5) Finally you can also ensure many times more Mind Power to your students (the capsule to make their life successful). Our English teaching licence for BEST ENGLISH TEACHERS, given to you after you successfully complete the course, will be valid for seven years (renewable for every seven years by paying 50% amount i.e. Rs.1,25,000/- each time. 

                                   PROCEDURE  FOR  ADMISSION 

Candidates who are graduates / postgraduates and fluent in English, should read (a) Details of "Best English Teachers' Training", given in this write up, and (b) all the TEN ITEMS OF JACOB NETTIKKADAN'S CONTRIBUTIONS in website / .org OR / .org  thoroughly.  After that, they should prepare a summary of their own impressions about the whole affair and post it or mail through :  " / .org  ; / .org ", giving your personal details as well.  We will go through your post or e-mail and then call you for interview, if you are selected.  After five days, If you want to enquire about your position, you can ring up to Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan on phone No.91-9846008621.  The selected candidates can join the Pre-selection course and pay the course fee and buy the books (Rs.3,400 + Rs.900 = Rs.4,300)

                METHOD  OF  REMITTING  MONEY  TO  US

Whatever money you want to remit to us, please send 

(a)           by transferring the amount directly to our Bank Account (shown below) from your bank or on line directly : 

 Account No.  0247 03316314 190001



Please insist your bankers to add your name at the time of remitting the money and also pay the bank commission.  Otherwise they will deduct the amount from our account and the amount will fall short.

After sending the money to us, please inform us about your remittance i.e. through which bank, which branch, on which date and what amount you have sent through our e-mail :  /  .org   OR  /  .org

                                   PLACEMENT  /    SPONSORSHIP 

Many schools want to appoint Best English Teachers trained in our Methodology to teach in schools and show quick results in their students.  Minimum salary offered to them will be @ Rs.30,000 p.m.  But in the Gulf countries, they can expect a salary of Rs.55,000/- p.m., to and fro air-fair and free shared accommodation.  Such qualified teachers are also in high demand in other States outside Kerala.  In some cases, food and accommodation will be free.   


This is not a 'cake eating' game.  It is a solid, intensive and objective programme to equip you with the required knowledge, skills, Mind Power and Self-confidence to make you a distinguished, rare and glaring English Teacher.  We want you to be a top grade scholar in philology and the structure of the English Language with exquisite teaching ability.  If you have enough devotion and are determined to succeed, you will find the course very easy, interesting and highly productive.  Because we have added 'Science' and 'Personality Development' to our training programme, you will acquire three years' input in three months with ease, pleasure and comfort.


We want you to be a world-class teacher of perfect knowledge, skill, Mind Power and self-confidence to teach English in a lovable style, not a teacher who imparts ignorance, confusion, doubts and misunderstanding in English etc. to your students, just for the sake of an employment.  Enjoy the fragrance of being an expert in teaching English and get the perennial love, respect and recognition of your students.  If you have already secured Government recognized University degrees for teaching, fill them with actual knowledge, skills and expertise to weigh heavy, instead of being an "empty drum".

Our philosophy is ‘a truly educated person should be an exemplary person or leader for common people to follow the foot-steps of’, whereas ‘a teacher should be the most exemplary person or leader for the whole society to follow the foot-step of’.  Therefore, at the time of training, every other participant will be a mirror of yours to reflect if your behavior, characteristics, attitude, inter-personal relationship etc. contains any of the 26 vices mentioned in the “Importance of Personality Development".  If others find any bit of vices in you, it will be brought to your knowledge and attention through personal approach or written opinion (without the name of the author).  If you do not take very serious concern and corrective step to be free from such defects, your course completion will be delayed or negatively affected.   When somebody points out your short comings, how you react to them, will also matter very much.  All these are needed to make you a lovable person.  Our intention is to have a difference in our society at present where we can experience people with long degrees and high position and authority are filled with vices such as ‘excessive pride, arrogance, prejudice, jealousy etc. instead of virtues (33 of which are defined  in the referred book on Personality Development).  


After successful completion of the Best English Teachers' training programme with brilliant records and issuance of the Best English Teacher Licence, candidates can apply for Master Trainer's Training.  Duration of training : one year.  Cost of training Rs.10,00,000/- (Rupees ten lakhs or one million).  They will train candidates as prescribed and present them for final tests, approval and issuance of Master Trainer's Licence to J. N. Best English Teachers, Kochi, on payment of the Examination Fee of Rs.10, 000 (Rupees Ten Thousand).  The examination will cover minimum of 10 days’ written, oral and performance tests, before final Master Trainer’s Certificate is issued. Those who wish to go abroad and work as Master Trainers will need to obtain an International Master Trainer’s Certificate by paying an extra amount of Rs.2,50,000 (Rupees Two hundred fifty thousand). 

The candidates for Master Trainers to train the Best English Teachers have to undergo rigorous training to possess qualities required to notice and identify the weaknesses of the Junior trainers and correct them convincingly and equip them with confidence to perform with precision and satisfaction in all respects.  The training will be aimed at acquiring expertise from different angles and based on rational, logical and wise thinking, research-oriented activities, positive philosophy to improve existing performances and also solve all types of problems faced by junior trainers or arisen out of unexpected circumstances.  For such purpose, new rules may have to be introduced without prior notice and all the concerned personnel are expected to obey such rules without raising any objection or creating disturbance or non-co-operation.


If any candidate who has been selected for training as “Master Trainer for Best English Teachers" without advance payment of course fee, discontinues the course after even one month’s training to take up any job in India or abroad, the promoters of the Course J.N. Best English Teachers, Kochi will have the right to claim and realize the full course fee of Rs.10,00,000 (Rupees Ten lakhs or one million) if the job offer is in India or Rs.12,50,000 (Rupees Twelve lakhs fifty thousand or one thousand two hundred fifty thousand) if the job is offered from abroad, on account of ‘value addition in the candidate in the form of overall knowledge, skills, self confidence and unusual competence acquired from the holistic and creative training of the referred course.  If the candidate refuses to pay the amount claimed, J. N. Best English Teachers, Kochi can object to such offer from any organization or individual in India or abroad being implemented.  If the organization or individual which offers employment to the “Master Trainer" candidate refuses to heed to the objection, such organization or individual shall be made a party for the claim and be made responsible for the consequences.

But if the selected candidate for “Master Trainer for Best English Teachers" without advance payment of course fee, discontinues the course after even one month’s training on medical grounds or citing any other reason, with a hidden agenda of joining any organization or individual for employment within six months from the date of discontinuing, when detected, the compensation can be claimed as mentioned above or object to the employment by any organization or individual in India or abroad, as mentioned above.

If the discontinuation of the course by a selected candidate for “Master Trainer for training Best English Teachers" discontinues the course on genuine grounds, proportionate fee shall be collected or realized from the candidate, considering the losses suffered by the promoters of the course J.N. Best English Teachers.

One of the purposes of offering ‘free training to Master Trainers without advance payment of course fee, is to use their services for a minimum period of thirty months (two and half years), for developing this system.  They will be expected to be used to spread this system into maximum number of Universities for starting the Best English Teachers’ degree course and to train them.  So, no planning should be made by them for working independently within thirty months from their completing the training without advance course fee and receiving the Master Trainer’s LIcence.  

                   OTHER  TERMS  AND  CONDITIONS

After obtaining the “BEST ENGLISH TEACHER’S Licence", those licencees who are deputed by registered Franchisees, can work with their principals in the address in which the franchise has been registered with us.  Others can teach and earn independently in their own name without any further payment of fees earned by them for seven years. If the Licencee wants to work independently, they will be allowed to do so outside Kochi area in Kerala, India, or they will have to work with us in our organization in Kochi area of Kerala, India, if there is opportunity open.   But if they want to establish any institution, or join any existing institution, it will need a new franchisee licence.  Working in any unauthorized establishment will render the “BEST ENGLISH TEACHER’S Licence" invalid and illegal. 

Accommodation and food :  Earlier there was an offer to give shared accommodation and ordinary food for three months to all candidates for “Best English Teachers" or a fixed amount in lieu of these.  But this clause is totally withdrawn, since now the offer is for a University Degree course.  Every candidate shall pay the hostel fee to the University where the course is conducted, directly, as per the rules of the University concerned.


BEST ENGLISH TEACHER’S Licence :   To be issued only on acquiring the ability to conduct the Original Communicative English Course independently, which will be valid for a period of seven years, to earn high income in his/her individual name or from the principal franchise who had sponsored the candidate.  There is no need of sharing the income with the licensor during the validity of the licence.  But, if the name of an establishment is used for conducting English coaching by the BEST ENGLISH TEACHER Licencee, it will need a Franchisee Licence in the name of that establishment. If the Licencee wants to work independently, they will be allowed to do so outside Kochi area in Kerala, India, or they will have to work with us in our organization inside Kochi area, if opportunity exists.  

Renewal of the licence is to be done at the end of  seven years, by paying 50% (fifty per cent) of the original fees paid for a further period of seven years, within the validity of the Licence.  Continuing the English coaching after the expiry of the BEST ENGLISH TEACHER’S Licence is prohibited, illegal and punishable.

Our English Text Books (“Easy Way To Learn English" in 4 volumes ) are to be purchased at concessionary rate from Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan for resale to students.  No student should be taught without buying the English Text Books.  Teaching students who do not buy our English Text Books will render the BEST ENGLISH TEACHER’S Licence and/or Franchise licence invalid and illegal.


By order of the Director, Jacob Nettikkadan.



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