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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.



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Jacob Nettikkadan (JN), alias Jacob Nettikkatt, a natural philologist living at Kaloor, in Kochi, India, is the inventor of seven brand new items in Languages and Language Teaching Fields out of his 56 years' personal research at his home, as a hobby. His first invention, in 1978 was a very easy, interesting and most productive way to teach English in a totally new style, which has 5,700 absolutely new items about the English Language that were not known to the British people when they ruled India or later on. This invention can now be called "Original Communicative English Teaching System' which guarantees that the learners will surely speak fluent English within a short time and get a thorough grasp of the complete English Language during the teaching of 100 hours in 34 days by J.N. Best English Teachers, Azad Building, Azad Road, Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala, India.


5,700 totally unknown items are available in the four volumes of the Text Book called "Easy Way To Learn English", authored by JN. The four books (or the 100 hour long Class Course) teach all the 5700 items as: (a): How to make 1877 types of expressions or type of sentences in the entire English Language, starting from the smallest level, gradually progressing in size to reach the highest or the scholar's level sentence, leaving nothing more to learn in English to speak or write in one's life. (b) : In all 1,877 techniques or formulae have been invented by JN to teach 1,877 type of sentences. Each technique or formula is as simple or interesting as 'throwing a chocolate to the students who will remove the covering and savour it to become the owner of that type of sentence'. Hundreds of sample sentences are given in the Text Book at each level for the student to practice to recite loudly and repeatedly till fluency is achieved, to make new sentences of that type as needed. (c) : In each type of expression or sentence, there will be a new formation or new usage of VERB, making the total to 1,877 different usages of Verb in the whole system. When students learn the usages of all the verbal usages in English like this, they will grow in the knowledge and command of the language that they will become the world's best communicator in English to express any idea freely and without any sort of difficulty. (d) : Multiplying the number '1,877' three times, leaves a balance of 69 out of 5,700 new things in the system. These 69 items cover many unheard of mysteries of Language Science, very high value added lessons with totally new headings and new ideas, including "How to think in English directly" which are very useful to enlighten students' mind and make them smarter, more active, dynamic and performing in their future life, to be real assets for their future employers and also of the nation.

With all these plus developing 'their Mind Power and maturity' many times through the lessons on Mind and Its Functions by using the book "The Importance of PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT", their self confidence will shoot up and make their future life most safe, secure and prosperous. Thus, those who invest a few thousand rupees to undergo our 100 hour long Communicative English Course will go back as totally enlightened and 100% self-confident scholars in English to occupy high positions in life of lofty standard and prosperity, to build up a strong and exemplary society and a nation. They will be the real MASTERS OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE in life, not the mere Master Degree holder of any Government recognized University.


India is the only country in the world which can boast of such a magnanimous invention that is most useful for the people of many countries like India, but after 39 years of its invention by JN, the ruling authorities, especially the officials in the Educational field, more particularly the Education/ Human Resource Development Ministry, the Universities and the Government Researchers as well as even private entrepreneurs who are running educational institutions are not caring to make use of this invention. This callousness or wilful negligence on using this invention for the progress of all the people of India may warrant western people to conclude and question "IS INDIA A LAND OF EDIOTS ?" or at least "IS THERE NO TRULY EDUCATED OR INTELLIGENT AND WISE PEOPLE IN INDIA TO UNDERSTAND, EVALUATE AND IMPLEMENT THIS INVENTION and use it FOR THE BENEFIT OF ITS PEOPLE ? Read the heading "Global News" in JN's website (new one) or the old ones / .org or still older ones: / .org

Millions of engineering graduates, M.B.As, M.C.As other postgraduates and graduates are wandering in our country in search of a job and failing, just because they cannot speak fluent English or they have not developed their personality properly. If the parents of these students are intelligent and wise to send those students to JN's course, they can really hope their children to be employed befittingly according to their qualification and capacity they succeed to develop. The net result will be that such children will not remain unemployed or they will be able to repay the bank loan they have taken and save their parents from legal action or auction of the property. But such students should not fall prey to joining the Literature style Degree Course or the Duplicate Communicative English course conducted by some Universities which may leave them a "fish out of water" in English. It means that they may fail to speak English and have command over English even if they spend the required money and waist some more time to learn English in the old style. If this is also not done, the official negligence and callousness may make the frustrated youth drive themselves to take revenge upon the authorities in the educational field and also in the media which is keeping silence about this useful invention and an unheard of revolution and retaliation may be resorted to. Should we wait for it to happen and regret later on in vain ? Or take proper action now ?


JN guarantees his students that they will not have any CONFUSION, DOUBT OR MIS-UNDERSTANDING during his entire course, because he will ensure to speak with 100% accuracy, clarity and completeness to enable his students to get 100% conviction. He claims that students will get 100% knowledge and their self confidence will shoot up only when they get 100% conviction. He will also help students to have a mental picture of the entire English Language, but this will be 100% successful only if students do their duty to develop sufficient MIND POWER for themselves. His guarantee on FLUENCY IN SPEAKING and WRITING are conditional : if students do their duty of making practice in reciting sample sentences given in his text book at each level till they become fluent in making new sentences of that type satisfactorily only; similarly they will get fluency in writing only if they write and practice sufficiently at each level till they become fluent in writing new matter only. These duties directly help them to increase their Mind Power many times more during the course. That alone is responsible to make their life successful in future. He also tells his students that when they do such duties properly during study life, they acquire the quality to be employed in future.


Only three types of sentences out of 1,877 will reach you to the "Child Level English Communication skill". 15 types assure you to reach the "Adult Level" and all the 1,877 will make you a high-flying communicator and a real scholar in English with a self-confidence equal to high quality Alloy Steel to build up a promising career, anywhere in the world, with a fat salary and the life of bliss.


Initially, one each sentence is taught till reaching three types. Then a new type of jugglery is taught. After that, three types of sentences are taught at a time to increase the speed of teaching @ 300%, until reaching 18 types. Then a more advanced jugglery is taught to handle 18 types of sentences at a time, to increase the teaching @ 1,800% or 18 times faster than in the beginning. This style is used in the entire remaining area of English, to complete the whole English Language in 5% (five per cent) time, cost and efforts than taken by others. This provides 95% saving in time which can be profitably used for Personality Development. Under the heading Personality Development, among a large number of new headings, 33 good human qualities (which help you to become real human beings) will be defined and taught with examples so that students will cultivate them in their life and become gentlemanly and noble with exemplary characteristics. Then only we can get noble, ideal and exemplary citizens in our society and country. Side by side, they will be taught the 26 vices or bad human qualities and how to erase these from their personality, along with most ideal and pleasing behaviour, most acceptable inter-personal relationship in dealing with others, lovable attitude, high level leadership qualities and abilities as well as managerial traits. The Mind Power development may be the greatest treasure of wealth our students will be getting from our course, when compared with other courses, because this alone will power them to be independent in their future life, especially in career, where they will have to face problems and solve them, get answers for the questions they will confront and also fulfil their ambitions in life, where no professor or study materials will be there to help them to take decisions independently and appropriately to succeed in life and to be role model to all others to prove the worth of study or true education in life and impress the would be employer.


JN's 7th invention, still awaiting Universal Copyright Registration from the H.R.D. Ministry, New Delhi, can solve all the problems connected to teaching all the languages of the world, if all the people in the world co-operate with JN to implement its stipulations. If the TEACHERS' TRAINING as proposed by JN is implemented, all the future teachers of languages everywhere also will be able to give all the guarantees to their students, as JN gives to his own students. The consequence will be that all the students of all the languages in the world will have hope to speak the language they learn without fail and make a totally new myth in the world. At present students have to be proud of their teachers' qualifications, high salary, social status and pension when they retire from teaching etc. and be happy, though they will not be able to be happy about their own ability to handle and get good command in the language they learn. The Inventor has a hidden anxiety 'whether all his seven inventions will become the wreaths to be buried along with his dead body if he has to die without spreading the Original Communicative English teaching system and also make the research needed to implement his 7th Invention too. Read the full write up of the 7th Invention "LANGUAGE TEACHING TECHNOLOGY" from his websites.


At present truly educated, cultured, intelligent and wise people in India may be holed up in some BALCK HOLES, but those who are outside the black holes follow a very bad culture of ignoring or not respecting, encouraging and promoting INVENTORS. In any country, Inventors should be considered the God-given-gift, because the intensity of inventions of the country will determine the over-all possibility of the country's progress and prosperity. Even though 39 years have elapsed since a very important invention was made by an Indian, nothing has been done by the people of India, who are expected or assigned to make use of it for the progress and prosperity of the country. They are not even feeling guilty, nor are being punished. May be, the ordinary people who are the victims of this wrong doing by a small number of people, will have to come forward to punish them or compel them to do their duty or else quit their positions.

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