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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.



Jacob Nettikkadan used his Scientific Methodology to teach English to the final semester MBA students of Bharat Mata College, Thrikkakara, Kochi, India @ 4 hours for 5 days and the students have acknowledged having obtained, in 19 hours' class, more useful knowledge, skills and self confidence than they got throughout their life. They also insist that this system of teaching should be introduced in all schools..

1. Nicy Abraham, Roll No.39 : Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan's Easiest English course is entirely different from what ever we had learned in our schools. This method of learning English has made this language simpler. The classes are getting more interesting day by day. I think this method of learning English should be introduced at school in order to make our future generations more fluent in this language. Now this 19 hours' class is more worth than our 15 years of education. What we could not learn from our 15 years of learning could easily be learned from this small hours' of class. The type of learning, that means learning by thinking of what we would like to express was not taught in our school days.

2. Noorjahan K., Roll No.43 : Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan introduced us to a new scientific way of learning English, helping us to speak English fluently. The last 19 hours were very informative and grooming sessions for me. The total study I had in my life was not very effective and it did not help me to speak English fluently till now. But the last 19 hours were eye-opening and insight-giving sessions for me. Now I gained the courage to speak English and now I can also think in English. I agree with the findings of Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan that our system of teaching English in our childhood classes were a failure. So the schools must adopt this method for teaching their students. The 49 years' research of Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan is really a very good contribution to the society.This will help our State to compete with any country.

3. A. G. Divya, Roll No. 1 : The Communicative English course conducted by Jacob Nettikkadan Sir for the last 19 hours was very much effective and useful to us. It helped me in knowing the new scientific method of learning English in an easy way. We were able to get the insight of many things that were not taught by our school teachers. Thus I feel very happy to attend this course and now I wish we had such teaching style in our schools.

4. Soumya M. George, Roll No. 53 : In the total study I had in my life about the English language, I never thought why a person can speak his mother tongue so well, but not a foreign language. When Sir explained how a child studies his mother tongue citing examples, I understood.

5. Ancy Baby, Roll No. 6 : The course conducted by Jacob Nettikkadan Sir is very energetic and interesting. The gain I got from these 19 hours' class with that of the total study I had in my life about the English language is that we learned to think in English and understood the importance of thinking in English and then speak.

6. Rinshad A., Roll No. 49 : The Communicative English course conducted by Jacob Sir was very good. From this course I got a chance to understand what are the difficulties in speaking English and how to tackle it effectively. I will consider this course as the milestone in my life.

7. Soumya S., Roll No. 54 : The communicative English course conducted by Nettikkadan Sir was really beneficial to us, especially the idea of thinking in English. Even though we studied grammar in our school days, now only we came to know more about the correct usage of certain words. I also came to know that one can increase one's fluency just by thinking in that language.

No - 2. English Medium School Teachers' Opinons :

About 300 teachers of Al Ameen group of five schools participated in a 12 hour training (@ 3 hours for 4 days) by Jacob Nettikkadan. They strongly recommend to introduce his Scientific Methodology to teach English, in schools.

1. The three days' class, I think, very much benefitted me to acquire great knowledge of English 3 times more than what I received in the past 20 years of my academic learning. So, I express my sincere gratitude to you. Also I would like to recommend your classes to other institutions also so that they may also get this golden opportunity.

- Shaly Muthen, Al Ameen Public School, Sreemoolanagaram.

2. Firstly I thank our School Management for arranging such a class. By this class we came to know a very great man like you so closely. It is a great honour that you made the ocean of the English language into only four simple volumes of books. Only within 12 hours you made great difference in us. I am sure that you can make total difference if more time is allowed to you. I consider it a great privilege to sit in your class. And from the depth of my heart I thank you Sir for removing some ignorance from my mind and filling there 50%d more knowledge.

- Shajila V. A., Al Ameen Public School, Edappally.

3. I don't know how the last 4 days passed off. The class was so interesting and it was a truly educating class. I am deeply impressed by the dedication of Mr. Jacob Nettikkatt towards teaching the English language. This course has helped me to improve my English language. - Rehna N. A., Al Ameen Public School, Edappally.

4. Your class was very useful for me. Mainly I got interest in “Think in English”. Now I have just started to think in English. In school there should be a simple grammar book for students from primary classes. Through this, students can make new sentences with the help of your book from lower classes. Only through this way, our new generation can speak English without fear or frustration. They can speak English fluently and with confidence.

- Bright Xavier, Al Ameen School, Kaloor.

5. The class was very interesting and useful. I have gained many things from this class. I think that it will be very useful to the students to learn English very easily without any fear. It will change the attitude of the students. They will look at English as their friend.

- Sandhya S. Kumar, Cresent Public School, Alua.

6. The 12 hour class from Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan was very effective. It is very useful for us teachers. It teaches the method to speak English fluently. We are very lucky to get a chance to attend Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan's valuable classes. Surely the 4 volume of his book is very precious to study the English language effectively. It helps us to speak English fluently, accurately and completely.

- Sreeja S. Nair, Al Ameen Public School, Sreemoolanagaram.

7. Your class was very informative. This is very useful to improve our communication skill. Our students also will get the benefit of your class, because if we improve ourselves we will spread it to our students.

- Salmiya T. K., Al Ameen, Edappally.

8. This course is really appreciable and is a guideline to the students as well as the teachers, because our aim is to mould the young generation. In short it is a miracle that within 12 hours we could learn such a lot of things.

- Mary S., Al Ameen Public School, Edappally.

9. This class was very much interesting. It helped us a lot. This class taught us how to imrpove our language and how to speak fluent English. The grammar part was also introduced to us in the form of stories. It helped us to grasp easily and to make sentences in a fraction of second. According to my concept this will be very useful if this methodology is introduced in schools too.

- Suchitra, Al Ameen School.

10. In my point of view, these classes gave more ideas about the English language. I got the idea about how to think in English. That is a very good technique. These classes are more beneficial for all teachers. We can implement this knowledge to our students.

- Al Ameen International Public School.

11. The twelve-hour class of Jacob Nettikkatt sir is very interesting and meaningful. We got a lot of information about the English language. We have got more knowledge about the English grammar. We have to try to apply this method in our class rooms. Now we have got more confidence to take classes.

- Sajimol Pareed, Al Ameen, Edathala.

12. It is a simple and easy approach to teach the English language and its basic grammar. It is a new scientific and easy way to learn English. This was truly an educating class.

- Sherli P. K., Al Ameen School, Edappally.

13. After finishing the 12 hour English class, I feel so happy, because some sort of changes have come into my English language, especially on the technique for thinking in English directly. The class is very effective and has given me some confidence. I think it will help me to use it in the classroom level.

- Divya S., Al Ameen Public School, Chandiroor.

14. I am very happy to attend your class. Your method of teaching grammar is very easy. It is very interesting and very useful to us. We will try to teach this method in our class rooms. - Sheeja, Al Ameen School, Edappally.

15. I am very much pleased to convey to you that this class, which you had taken for the last 12 hours, has helped me a lot to enrich my knowledge in English. If more areas also had been covered, it would have been a great benefit for me, as I don't have any Bachelor's Degree of any University. The idea of ‘thinking in English' was also excelllent. If this method is passed on to our schools, I am sure our children will gain a lot and they will be able to use the language in a better manner in their future life, which helps a lot for their career.

Mrs. Bella Rodriguez, Al Ameen School, Edappally.

16. By the grace of God I got an opportunity to attend this class. Really it was very energetic, fruitful and enthusiastic class. Before attending this class, I had some doubts in English grammar part. Now I realize my mistakes and I have corrected them. I am sure that this will help us to teach English to our students effectively. The special construction of the English building or the Map of Language was wonderful. These 12 hours will ever be memorable days in my life.

- Jubainath, Al Ameen Public School, Edappally.

17. The English class was very interesting and thought provoking. The new method is justifiable to be introduced in each school. Through this method, students will grasp the grammar part more easily and I am sure they will show more interest to learn more English.

- Hitha, Al Ameen Public School.

18. The methods and techniques invented by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan are really interesting and motivating. I never thought about such ideas and methods. With ‘baskets', ‘train cabins', ‘house' and other examples, really the gate is opened to the ‘world of English Grammar' in a unique way. With these classes I got a motivation to find out other good and effective examples too. The boxes and tables are easier steps to learn English.

- Sethu, Al Ameen Public School, Edappally.

19. It has been a very informative class. You explained the complexities in English grammar in a very simple and effective way. We learned a lot and we are much confident in handling English. You filled us with energy and enthusiasm, which I am very sure, will help us to deal with our students in a much effective way. You have given us the confidence to communicate in English fluently and efficiently.

- Lakshmi Priya, Al Ameen Public School, Edappally.

20. I am very happy to attend this class. From your class I understood how we can study English in an easy way. Your method of teaching grammar is very interesting and very useful to us. We will try to implement your method in our classes. I am sure that by attending your class I can improve my English and also get more confidence to talk English correctly.

- Fousy B., Al Ameen Public School, Edappally.

21. Your class really enlightened us. You allowed us to enter the world of English language in an easy way. This method has to be introduced in schools. This will really benefit the students to get a clear understanding about the English language.

- Clara P. F., Al Ameen Public School, Chanduouil.

22. Your class was very interesting. Now, we got the thinking power in English directly to communicate the language naturally and smoothly. Your class was very attractive.

- Shahiba, Al Ameen, Edappally.

23. I enjoyed the style of learning each type of sentence by using a formula which is very simple and interesting. Getting the thinking power in English directly to communicate the language smoothly without translation from mother tongue also is very impressive. We studied in your class all the grammar parts the easiest and most satisfyingly. It is a very interesting class. It is very useful to children.

- Al Ameen, Sreemoolanagaram.

24. I am extremely excited that Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan is an eminent personality. A good teacher is a good text book to students. He made an attempt to remove the ignorance in using verbs, sentences, thinking capacity etc. We learnt about the majestic power of “you and I”. He related the grammar into our daily life situation and also gave an idea about English, using 1877 roomed building map.

- Asna Y. K., Crecent Public School, Thottummughom.

25. Your teaching of the English language based on your own book is a great help for today's educational system. I was able to get knowledge about the English language and the English grammar from your classes. This value-added English course of yours visibly demonstrates the thinking of Mahatma Gandhi that true eduation can be implemented through total personality development.

- Shreelatha T. S., Al Ameen Public School, Edappally.


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