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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.


Thousands of comments have been received in writing from our participants who range from Matriculation level to PhD. level.  Comments have been quoted out of our one month long course and also of 10 days' duration.  To save the space of giving full address of each participant, 10 opinions have been selected from "Nursing Students of Samaritan Hospital , Pazhanganad, Ernakulam District, Kerala , India , and six from "Holy Cross Convent, Perumpadappu, Ernakulam District, Kerala , India . Out of participants who attended the one month long course and also 10 day long course, six opinions have been quoted which include two from PhDs. One of those is PhD in English from Jawaharlal Nehru University , New Delhi , India . They also include the First Ranker for MSc. of Mahatma Gandhi University , Kottayam, Kerala , India . Opinion of a British lady, who attended our Correspondence Course for English Teachers as well as of an Arabi from Doha, Qatar who attended full day class alone for 16 days, are also given.



  A.M.A.  MOHAMED, Doha , Qatar .  

"  I am a postgraduate and my biggest ambition in life was to speak fluent English.  I attended the English courses conducted by the British Council and the ELS American Centre at Qatar .  There was no progress in me. Then I went to England and attended courses at London for more than one month.  I was not at all satisfied. Then I saw the website of Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan, Director, Xavier Institute of Management, Kochi , Kerala , India . 

Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan taught me English once again for 16 days using his new style of teaching.  I got a clear idea (better to say  a clear picture) of the English language and now I can communicate in English with confidence.   I was surprised to learn about his discoveries on Verbs in English - 1877 usages in total.  Every little thing he taught me was very clear, accurate and complete.  So, I did not have any doubt or confusion. I found my 16 days' study with Mr. Jacob gave me ten times knowledge and ability than my 16 years' study in school, college and university. Now my postgraduation degree has some weight. 

I used to fear English, but now I love English. English was hard like rock earlier, but it is soft as butter now. The Nettikkadan methodology is really great and actually a miraculous one.    

I recommend the United Nations and the western countries to accept this new system of teaching English by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan and spread it.  It will help the people of the world to learn English easily, with great interest and get English speaking power and scholarly knowledge in a short time."


Given below are the written comments from participants who attended a 10 day course of 7 hours each day, in which this new methodology to teach English as a foreign language was used. Presently this course is named "Original Communicative English Course".

Dr. N. R. GRAMAPRAKASH, Reader & Head of the Department of Malayalam, S. N. College, Nattika, Thrissur ; Member, Board of Studies, University of Calicut.

"I have the greatest admiration for Mr. Jacob Nettikkatt, ... the inventor of the Scientific Methodology for teaching Foreign Languages, because he made me speak fluent English confidently, just in ten days. It is nothing less than a miracle - a mystery for me, because I had failed to fulfil that ambition for 25 years through my school, college and University  studies including the PhD programme, besides trying    many other outside sources." "The style of his teaching English and handling Personality Development to give communication skill in such a short period has compelled me to publicly declare in the auditorium of Renewal Centre (Azad Road, Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala, India) that 'I would be proud to be known as the student of Mr. Jacob Nettikkatt, because he is a Master Genius."





1.Dr. (Mrs.) Janaky Sreedharan,
 (PhD. In English from Jawaharlal Nehru University , New Delhi
English Lecturer, St. Teresa's College, Kochi , India .

"The course provides an admirably simple and easy approach to English language and its basic grammar. With the use of charts and diagrams, it chases away the students' fear of English. Attending the course was a real eye-opener to the defects in the English language teaching in schools and colleges. The techniques applied by the course to bring out the latent energy in the young were effective and entertaining at the same time."







"From this one month course I have gained more useful knowledge in English and self-confidence than in the last 17 years of study. If I had not joined this course, I would have remained handicapped in my standard of English.  Because of your scientific methodology, I got a clear picture of English language. My imagination got wings and now I feel confident to write something creative. During this month, which passed away with great speed, we had a real Gurukulam experience and we all grew tremendously both mentally and spiritually. I am really proud to be known as your student."

2.Miss. Moly Thomas,
  1st Rank holder for M.Sc. (Physics), [ M. G. University ], B. Ed., 
CMC Provincial House, Pala 686 575, India .



3.Mrs. Durga Purushotham 
(M.A. in English Lit. with Phonetics & B. Ed.), FACT Quarters, Udyogamandal P.O.,         Eloor 683 501, Kerala , India .

"Though I am a postgraduate in English, my twelve years' study of English did not give me the ability to speak English. But the one month's coaching in Xavier Institute of Management gave  me that most desired fluency in English. I was highly impressed by the systematic, rational and logical approach as well as the step by step progress of the portions in the teaching. The special construction of " English Building" or the "Map of Language" was wonderful. The personality development classes were absolutely practical and cent percent useful."



"It is a new, scientific and easy way to learn English. I highly appreciate it. I am deeply impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of Mr. Jacob Nettikkatt. I wish that the English teachers in schools and colleges would learn this method, to make English teaching a pleasing experience and not a tedious task".

4.Sr. Vinitha (English Lecturer of St. Teresa's College now a PhD holder),
  Kochi , India .



5. Miss. Marline Fame K. J., 
H. No. 1/57, Mulavukad P.O., Kochi,
Pin - 682 504 (Kerala), India graduate.

"Neil Armstrong when landed on Moon said,'A small step for me, A big leap for man-kind'. This Intermediate English Course was a small step for me to land into the wonder world of English, improve my personality and courage to speak English before public.  If this course gets introduced in our schools, it will be a big leap for our next generation".








"First of all I learnt systematically how to plan out study of the subject. Also I was shown how to go from one part of the subject to another with ease. Each lesson led me on to the next part of English grammar without any hesitation. Instructions are very explicit and the examples are easily understandable. After practising the examples a few times, new sentences automatically come to mind. The notes given as to what to tell the students to practice are also very helpful. After explaining this way to the students they should have no difficulty in following what I have to say. I find that the whole course has been scientifically formulated so that most people can grasp the salient points. I find that I can express myself more clearly now than before. Best of all I find that I can correct the grammatical mistakes I used to make even though my mother-tongue is English".




To avoid giving individual  address of participants, we are giving below the name and address of the institution where the course was conducted :


Nursing Students of Samaritan Hospital , Pazhanganad,
Ernakulam District, Kerala , India .


1.Miss Ambili K. B.

"I cannot help but say that this course is 
 truly a miraculous one."


"This 10 day class was a turning point in my life. This course has helped me to resurrect the English language which had sunk into the rock-bottom of my mind, and analyse it with all its designs and expressions. This course has also helped abundantly to think rationally and logically without being enslaved to emotions. It is certainly a miracle that such a lot of things have taken place in so short a time. "

2.Miss Vinetta Vincent


3.Miss Nicy Stephen 

" This English Course which gives new interpretations to English language teaching, is useful to mould creative imagination and thinking power to the future generations. The teaching technique adopted by Mr. Jacob Nettikkatt is exemplary for our schools. This course brings about immense utility and time-saving." 


" This was a truly educating class. I had the same experience in this course what a frog would have had when it comes out of  a well and sees the outer world. To mould an educated generation, this type of scientific education is indispensable."

4.Miss P. R. Rathy 


5.Rev. Sr. Aniga S.D.

" I could understand deeply, only from this course, the meaning of what Gandhiji told :'total personality development is education'."


 " What I could not do about English speaking out of my 17 years' study, I could do in 10 days class." 

6. Miss Gincy P. G. 


7. Miss Bindu John 

" I don't know how the last 10 days passed off; the class was so interesting. These 10 days will ever remain the most memorable days in my life."


"I pray that everybody gets a chance to attend a course like this which has become a milestone in my life."

8. Miss Raji Poulose 


9. Miss Ancy  Joseph 

" Normally, I used to lose my self-confidence through English classes. But in this course, I was able to recover the self-confidence and enrich it very much."


" We were in a totally different world during the last 10 days." 

10. Miss Retty Pappachan 


Holy Cross Convent, Perumpadappu, Ernakulam District,
  Kerala , India

1. Rev. Sr. Navya

" After attending this course, I can proudly say that I have really gained a precious treasure for my entire life. " 


" You have made the class very lively and creative with the use of simile, metaphors, stories, diagrams and picturization etc. I do appreciate your whole-hearted commitment, personal interest and love for all participants."

2. Rev. Sr. Eileen 


3. Rev. Sr. Ria Cherian 

" I have gained much more in this short period without any doubt than I acquired in many years of my study."


" Above all, whatever is needed in my life I could gain through this course."

4. Rev. Sr. Celine Mary


5. Rev. Sr. Neetha Jose 

" Though I knew some of the expressions (in English), now only I learned how to use and when to use these expressions."


" Formerly I used to carry grammar books, spoken English books and a lot of grammar note books, but, now there is no need to carry any books, because everything is recorded in my mind."


6. Rev. Sr. Sujarani


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