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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.

  ITEM NO. 7



Research all over the world has been done mostly through Government funded projects in Universities or Research Institutes established at the cost of the Government exchequer, except by Corporate bodies owned privately and for industrial purposes. Most of the millions of people who did research in Universities and Research Institutes in the last two millennia did research only for getting PhD degrees (not for making inventions and discoveries or to solve problems and difficulties faced by people in the educational field, particularly in language teaching field, or any other field.) The Universities have never been insisting that their PhD degree holders should make useful inventions or discoveries to be entitled for PhD degrees. If you ask those who do research in a University "What for do you want to do research?", the ready-made reply from vast majority of them will be "To get a PhD degree". The Universities all over the world will certify very proudly and happily that they have conferred millions of PhD degrees in the last 20 centuries. But if you ask them "What benefit have these PhD degrees given to humanity in general or educational field in particular, especially in the language teaching field?", they may not show any interest to reply. So, you have to conclude that the researchers everywhere have gained the glorious, gem-studded PhD degrees and the consequent benefits offered by them, but the world at large, especially the educational field and more particularly the language teaching field has lost valuable 20 centuries, only because of a wrong thinking and a faulty policy in the research field.


However, if all the Governments in the world decide to stop funding research programmes as done now and switch over to "Rewarding research results of any researcher, according to their utility for the public in general or the Educational field in particular, especially the language teaching field", as proposed by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan, the situation will change dramatically.


Please read the heading " Research - views of Mr. J.N." in Website " / .org " or " / .org". If all the Universities of every country decide to cancel all the existing PhD degrees, review their results and then confer PhD degree only to those who have made inventions or discoveries that are highly useful to humanity in general or educational field in particular especially the language teaching field, there will be drastic change in the scenario and productivity in the educational field. They should also insist that the invention or discovery details should be published through the media for public knowledge and comments before the PhD degree is granted to a researcher.


You have understood why the whole world is so poor in the educational field, particularly in the language teaching field, in spite of heavy amounts being spent on research by every Government. Now you have to know what Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan has done for you out of his personal research for 52 years at home as a hobby. Read the TEN ITEMS OF JACOB NETTIKKADAN'S CONTRIBUTIONS in this website and understand what has happened in the research field during the last 35 years, without any PhD degree being lost, and enjoy the pulsating thrill.


Here the problem has to be bifurcated into two, as : (1) The PhD degrees should not be allowed to win, defeating the whole humanity, hereafter. (2) Arrangements should be made to allow maximum people everywhere to gain out of Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan's 52 years' personal research that has produced excellent results in language learning : you can learn a language and get communicating ability quickly, while knowing the interior decorations and designs of the language in a scholarly manner, which enhance the self-confidence of the learner to make him smart, active, energetic and enthusiastic. Think of the net result if this simple, easy, interesting and highly productive methodology to teach English is introduced in all schools of India, using only Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan's text book "Easy Way To Learn English" in four volumes, and English being taught only by teachers who are trained by Mr. Nettikkadan in his new methodology, giving them the ability to teach English 100% accurately, clearly, completely, convincingly and without confusion or doubts. The amazing result will be that all the students all over India who pass Class 12 will speak fluent English confidently; they will not be a liability for this country, but precious asset. Demand it and get it.


Now it is your turn to change the plate : "India needs another independence movement. Everyone of you should make a resolution today : "We will not allow ourselves to be the victims of this situation where PhD degrees become the winners, defeating humanity"; secondly, "We want the Government to ensure communication skill in English to all school final students everywhere in India. We don't need any High School which cannot give Communication skill in English to school final students". The Government of India should not waste money in the name of education and "without visible results".


Every revolution (forced change) in the world has taken place only when a person with leadership qualities initiates the first step, to be followed by others. So, be a leader and send minimum two e-mails to your friends, relatives or associates giving these details and request them to do likewise. Your voice will be heard. It will produce a revolution which India needs very badly today and it will reach the national level tomorrow to produce resounding and visible results.



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