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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.

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                           THE EDUCATIONAL VALUE OF THE BOOK


a book full of new concepts, which the world has never heard before !


Success of a man's life depends on his appropriate personality development. University First rank holders very often prove to be utter failure in life, because they do not care for development of personality. Some times, they hold very low Mind Power. According to Mahatma Gandhi, true education is "total personality development" (which provides high Mind Power). In fact, today students come out from schools, colleges and Universities 'with low Mind Power, nil Mind Power or even Minus Mind Power'. After completing their so called "education" they waste their future life without even knowing what personality or personality development is.


Knowing this terrible shortcoming in the educational field, Mr. Jacob Netttikkadan has written a book "The Importance of Personality Development" for students to know what personality and personality development are and grow up with sufficient smartness, active habits, energy, enthusiasm and self confidence, to make their future life secure, prosperous and happy. Right from the beginning, i.e. from the year 1984, Mr. Nettikkadan has been imparting lessons on Personality Development to his students to remove their shyness, fear, nervousness, introversion and inferiority complex.


According to Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan, 90% to 95% of one's personality development is achieved by the refinement, enlargement, strengthening and right functioning of one's own mind. Only 5% to 10% depends of his physical look and appeal. So, the book "The Importance of Personality Development" teaches, for the first time in the world, the details of functions and productivity of mind, so that students can have complete control over the personality development up to 95%.


A single tip in this book can be a remarkable turning point in one's life, a path to progress, prosperity and Divinity.


The book contains a new discovery of the unknown MIND AND ITS FUNCTIONS that affect the total human life. It promotes the idea : "Powerful minds design their own destiny ! Others become the victims, and blame destiny ! "


The author asserts, "Every human-made problem in this world originates from the defect in the personality of one or the other person; in other words, due to lack of Personality Development".


This book is a total solution to rectify each defective individual, each broken family and the society, infested with problems, as well as the whole world.



"Here is a book ... which should be read, reread and preserved for eternity by every right minded human being" - Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group of Educational Institutions, Cochin, India in the Foreword to the book. Perhaps, no other book has ever earned such a high acclaim !


Comment given by Mr. K. P. JOSEPH, former UN Consultant and a renowned writer :


'Mind and Its Function' by Jacob Nettikkatt is an only- one- of –its- kind- book. It is not the type of tome that one meets with, among books by Indian authors, but a breathtaking analysis of the happening within us that we call mind , with out which we are animals and not humans. I congratulate Jacob Nettikkatt for putting in the enormous amount of mind labour that produced this book . It is a book of substance that every student of psychology and sociology should read. It is also a must read for teachers and trainers in personality development .

Comment given by the Publishers :

"It is very easy to make a gain of Rs.1,000 from this book, if you read and understand the functions of mind and apply them in your life. But to make a gain of Rs.10,000, you have to labour substantially. However, only a genius can make a gain of Rs.1,00,000 from this book ".

Why ? because,


1.     It depicts the most complicated and unknown mind and its functions in the common-man's language and not in the psychologists' language.When a student grasps what 'intellect' is, and what 'Understanding Power', 'Thinking Power' and 'Imagination Power' are, and knows how they help to become a genius, a student's mental growth can be phenomenal.


2.     Similarly, when a student grasps what excess or surplus 'emotion' is and what bad consequences can happen if the quantum of emotion is too much and uncontrolled, he can have absolute control over his own mind.


3.     It also explains 'what common sense is' which is too uncommon nowadays. It also describes 'what wisdom is' and how to produce it : only by using rationality and logic in our thinking process. The book defines clearly with examples 'what rationality and logic are' as well .


4.     The book deals with definitions of good human qualities that a person should develop to be considered a truly "educated and cultured person or a gentleman".


5.     It also deals with definitions of vices that make human (shaped) beings animals or devilish to cause pain, misery, agony, loss and discomfort to others in the society, spoiling good relationship with them.


6.     The prescription for 'measuring one's own personality and one's own Mind Power' in the book is certainly a million dollar valued invention, which many famous psychologists have tried to achieve, but failed so far.


7.         It is expected that these valuable teachings will create a good awareness and make a great difference in the over all behaviour of people in the society to usher in a harmonious co-existence of all people.



8. The subdivision "Spirituality" in this book may make a total change in the outlook of people towards religion and the concept of God, because the book teaches 'what spirituality is and what its purpose is' which has been replaced by rituals and customs for the benefit and advantage of the promoters and administrators of religions, leaving behind only psychological satisfaction for the common people.



9. It teaches you how to 'discover God in love' and 'not love in God', paving the way to make innumerable "visible gods" to love others without profit motive in this world, making it spiritually rich. When people follow this principle, they will arrive at a new concept of 'God' as the totality of virtues and 'devil' the totality of vices - may be by the year 2050, if true education is promoted now itself.



10. Another added attraction of the book is a new theory called "TLM theory" - which prescribes the qualities of Teacher, Leader and Manager to become part of everybody's personality so that they can be successful everywhere, always.


11. The author ascribes an artificial shape to the shapeless, invisible and untouchable mind and describes the various functions of mind as Intellect (divided into two parts as Understanding Power and Thinking Power), Imagination (divided into four sub-divisions as Photo library, Sound library, Creativity and Spirituality) and the role of excess or surplus Emotion and its dangerous consequences which are responsible for all the human created problems on this earth, including religious fundamentalism and terrorism.


12. The book visualizes that when true education is available to all children everywhere, people will start thinking independently instead of utterly listening to others, blindly believing and obeying them. Then a new concept of God will emerge in the world (say, by the year 2050) when all the people all over the world will be able to say in loud voice "our God" and worship Him together without any discrimination of caste, creed, status, nationality and sex. Today God is not common for all the people, because narrow-minded people have captured and capitalized God by designing Him according to their own wish, whim and belief and built up fences and walls around their compound to keep others out, creating the situation for saying "my God, your God, his God, their God" etc. That situation should change for good.


13. The lesson on "Ten routes to heaven", if understood and assiduously followed by all the people, heaven will be available to all to be enjoyed on this earth itself, without our waiting to die. There will be no buyers to purchase "the unwritten passport to the unknown heaven" offered by many religions at present.


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