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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.

The Original Communicative English               

A PRESENTATION on the scientific solution of problems in non-English speaking countries  

By   Xavier Institute of Management,

Azad building, Azad road, Kaloor, Kochi – 682 017, INDIA

 Warm greetings to you from Xavier Institute of Management, Kochi , and its Director Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan.

The hard reality of the present scenario

In England, a three-year old child speaks fluent English.  But in India and other countries, numerous postgraduates cannot speak English as much fluently, confidently and comfortably.  But these poor people have to wait for a job interview to be convinced about their bankruptcy in handling English.  Till that time, they and all others remain very happy with their marks and promotions.

We shall introduce to you a very rare philologist  who alone has the solid solution for this shameful tragedy, affecting the whole world.  He has made the greatest invention in language teaching, using which he has been making such ‘rejected postgraduates’ speak fluent English within a few days or a few weeks.  The philologist will expose to the world the terrible blunder  committed by the British people that has been mainly responsible for bringing about the present pitiful scenario globally.  He will also reveal to you hundreds of shocking and horrifying but as well thrilling facts out of his 48 years’ personal research at home as a hobby.  He will also disclose the actual reason for the graduates and postgraduates failing to handle the English language even after a costly two-year or four-year Communicative English course organized by most of our universities.

Meet Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan who has converted the English learning into a great pleasure and a fun through his invention made in 1978, which guarantees communication skill in a short period and scholarly knowledge free from confusion and doubts.

Also please meet Mr. Sunny Vazhappilly, a reputed trainer in Kerala. Mr. Sunny Vazhappilly will interview Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan in front of you and prove how our postgraduates can convert their 20 year old failure in the educational field into a wonderful and exciting success within a short period.

Mr. Sunny :  Sir, could we know what terrible blunder did the British people commit which has sunk the rest of the world into a miserable failure to handle English ?

J.N. :  When the British people wanted to introduce English teaching in India, they decided to import the prevailing system of teaching English from the schools of Great Britain. Actually we need three items to handle English efficiently and effectively i.e. reading, writing and speaking power in English.  But the Englishmen could import only the reading and writing power to India.  The speaking power had to be left behind in England, because the British children learned to speak English in their own homes and not in schools. Thus, the British people could import only a handicapped or a crippled methodology to teach English and the people of India and other countries unaware owned the system as it was.  Here in India our children have no chance to substitute the missing speaking power in English either at home or in the classrooms.

According to the prevailing teaching system, both the teachers in India and Great Britain teach students first to read and write A, B, C, D (i.e. alphabet); then words like c,a,t  cat;  r,a,t  rat;  m,a,t  mat etc.  After that students are expected to read English books.  The English children understand much of what they read, because they get the basic knowledge in English from home, before going to school.  But when the Indian students read English books, they do not understand anything, because they have never got the basic knowledge of English either from home or in school.

Mr. Sunny :  “I have not heard anybody telling such a reason so far.  It is new to me.  Is there any other reason to support your allegation ?

J.N. :    The follow-up action of the British was another mistake which made things worse; an insult to the injury.

Mr. Sunny  :   What was the mistake in that follow up action ?

J. N.  :  When the first attempt ended up in a total failure like this, the teachers here took an alternative step.  They showed a Grammar book and told the children: “Don’t worry if you have not understood what you read from the English books. Here is a Grammar book; study it.  Regard it as your saviour.  Your problem will be over”.  Rationally and logically, a Grammar book should solve the problem.  But unfortunately, the English people’s Grammar book could not solve our problem, because it was not prepared as per the definition of the word “grammar” in the dictionary.  It did not give rules for making sentences in English.  Actually, the British children did not need it.

Mr. Sunny :  Then, what was that book for ?

J. N.  :  That book was only meant to make the British children correct mistakes in their sentences.  So, It gives some selected types of sentences in English and explains the correct use of certain words or expressions in those sentences. This will be very useful to the British children.  It will help them to realize which sentence is correct and which is wrong, because they already know how to make sentences in English.  But the Indian students had no knowledge with them to be corrected, because they did not learn to make sentences in English at home or in school.  So, that Grammar book became only a study burden for them. Therefore, the failure of the Indian students continued without any remedy.  Thus in fact, we cannot blame the postgraduates in India, China or any other country, if they do not speak English, because they did not learn to speak English either in their own homes or in schools.  Look at the quality of brain of the designers of the course !

The greatest pity is that not a single British scholar knew this fact for over 300 years.  Their counterparts in India are very proud of their qualifications, high positions and authority.  But they also have not understood this truth and taken any remedy, though I have been telling this for the last 25 years.  Again, millions of our teachers who teach  English are not aware of these facts.  Then how can we expect them to teach properly ?

Mr. Sunny  :  Could you please tell what solution have you found out for this ?

J. N.  :  Surely. As a solution for the conditions available in India, I have invented a new system of teaching English that is very easy, interesting, simple and fast.  I have also written a new book with the title Easy Way To Learn English” in four volumes.  This book helps the learner to learn English, just like climbing a long ladder from the bottom to the zenith. According to the meaning of the word “grammar” in the dictionary, this is the first real grammar book for the English language, because it teaches how to make all the 1877 types of sentences in English.  These four books together solve the complete problem of teaching English in India and all the non-English speaking countries in the world.

Mr. Sunny :  It was announced here that you can reveal the actual reason for the failure of Communicative English course conducted by our universities.  What have you to say about that ?

J. N.  :   The British Council or the Indian universities have not invented any system to teach English easier, faster and with high interest. But they have seen me producing quick communication skill within a very short period during the last 25 years. They must have gone through my course materials too. Being impressed by the phenomenal success of the new system invented by me, the British Council, Cambridge University and most Indian universities have switched over from the Literature Teaching style to the Communicative English style. But, they can’t use my methodology, because it is a universally registered invention in my name.  They need my written licence to use it and produce visible results.  That is why I say they are using only the shadow of my invention.  Actually, they are misusing the degrees recognized by the Central Government to bluff the students and make money.

Mr  Sunny :  Could you please describe some details of the system you have invented ?

J. N.   :  Yes.  Of course.  Wherever children do not get the chance to learn to speak English at home, if they have to succeed in communicating English within a short time, they have to be taught the following six things.  In other words, we the Indian people need the following six items  :

First,  They have to learn ‘how to make each type of sentence or each type of expression in English.’  They have to do it in the classroom, in an easy and simple way.

Second, they have to be supplied with fluency techniques and taught how to use such techniques to get 100% fluency at each level.

Third, they have to be taught how to produce their own ideas.

Fourth, they have to be taught how to think in English directly.                          

Fifth, they have to be made convinced about (a)  What the item taught is” and (b) “What for they have to learn that item”.

Sixth, there should be sufficient activities that stimulate the mind or mental growth, so that their mind functions efficiently and effectively.

Actually these six items together constitute the real Communicative English. But the techniques for these six items are our own invention or discovery and they are registered universally.  Others cannot use them without our written license.  I request the Government of India to ban all the Communicative English Courses conducted by the universities without these six items.  It is a blatant misuse of the degrees, recognized by the Government of India.

Mr.  Sunny  : What is your strategy to save India from this calamity?

J. N.  :  I have a concrete proposal that will guarantee a total solution to this man-made catastrophe.  First of all, the people of India, particularly the political authorities, have to realize and accept the reality that our children do not learn to speak English at home before going to school.  So, the system imported from England by the British and introduced here cannot and will not save our country.  It can only ruin us or slow down our progress.

Secondly, those Indians, especially the educational authorities and Government researchers, who show addiction to continue the existing system, should be branded “Addicted British slaves” or “Their fifth-columns in India”.  They should also be treated anti-nationals or at least anti-social elements and dealt with accordingly.  They should not be allowed to decide anything for the country or its people hereafter.

Thirdly, for solving our problem, we have to introduce a totally new system to meet our purpose i.e. teaching our children how to speak English in schools or classrooms.  For that we have to introduce three out of my six inventions.  They are (a) The Scientific Methodology To Learn Foreign Languages; (b) The Practical Philology; (c) The Map of Language.  That is because these three items together will guarantee all the six items that our students need to solve their problem.  I have already told you that our students essentially need to learn (i) How to make each type of expression or sentence in English by using a technique;(ii)  How to acquire fluency by using the fluency techniques; (iii)  How to produce their own ideas;  (iv)  How to think in English; (v) To know clearly “What is being taught” and “Why it has to be learned”; (vi). A well-developed mind that will function satisfactorily.  For all these things to happen in a systematic, accurate and fast track style, we have to introduce our book “Easy Way To Learn English” in four volumes.  That is because, this book alone contains all the six items mentioned above.  The book has to be introduced at school level and in all colleges and universities, particularly in the Teachers’ Training Centres.  All the teachers who desire to teach English in India should undergo the training in this methodology, so that they can teach every item in the book 100% clearly, accurately, completely and convincingly.  If the Government appoints me to train the Master Trainers in this system, who will train the remaining teachers, it will work very efficiently.  Then only our students will get perfect knowledge and communication skill that can be used in their future life.  The criterion of passing the training course should be fixed up on acquiring the ability to teach skillfully and independently;  nothing else.

Mr.  Sunny  :   Could you please say something about the other contents of these books ?

J.N. :  First of all, the Slogan of the Methodology is :

              (a)           5% study burden; 500% study benefit, OR

              (b)           Years of study reduced to hours of study.


This book in four volumes contain 5700 of our discoveries on the English language.  Surely for any hungry student, that itself will be a great excitement. The book proves that there are 1877 types of sentences in English.  It also contains 1877 techniques or formulae to teach 1877 types of sentences in English most systematically and accurately, just like climbing a long ladder.  It also describes what the 1877 usages of verb (or 1877 members of the verb family) are.

It teaches the eight categories of verb, which have removed a mountain-like confusion from the English language-teaching field.  It also describes many mysteries of the Language Science and many more exciting affairs about the English language.


Mr.  Sunny  :   It is fantastic indeed.  Do you have anything more to tell us?

J.N :   It is not enough to make all our students speak fluent English. They have to be truly educated to become our nation’s asset. For that we have to introduce this book      “The importance of Personality development”. First of all this book can help them to increase their mind power one hundred times. Secondly this book can transform them into loyal citizens, filled with all human qualities including patriotism. But, for that this book has to be translated into all regional languages.

Mr.  Sunny  :  Could you also please give us a glimpse of your methodology?

J. N.  Surely.  First of all I shall show you the blue-print of the new methodology.









J. N.   This chart gives you two extra information.  1.  Our postgraduates always read English books with high standard sentences that are never used for speaking.  In fact,  they never enter the speaking area, during their study.  2.  Three categories of sentences are enough for children to speak their mother tongue very fluently and confidently.

Mr.  Sunny :   Certainly this is a guidance for teachers to teach English scientifically.

J. N.  :  We start teaching from the bottom of the chart and teach only one type of sentence at a time.  We use one each technique or formula to teach one type of sentence which is as simple, easy and interesting as chewing a chocolate.


Mr. Sunny  :   Surely, that should help learners to produce communication skill very quickly.


J. N.  :   For teaching how to make sentences, we divide a sentence into three columns as “Actor”, “Action” and “Receiver of Action and teach how to fill up those columns themselves.  Soon a miraculous die is prepared with 14 words each in the “Actor”, and “Receiver” columns and fill them up with suitable words as:





















Mr. Sunny  :   But, this looks too elementary level for teaching !


J. N.  :  Of course, this is elementary, but the most essential level for the Indians.  Millions of our postgraduates make mistakes in this simple area.

The importance of this chart is that if a child is taught the correct meaning of all the 28 words and some verbal forms in the Action column, it can make hundreds of small but essential sentences within five minutes which another child may fail to get from an ordinary school in five years.  It is just like learning mathematics.


Mr. Sunny   :  It  is really wonderful.  Can you tell us more about your methodology ?


J. N.  :   After reaching this level, the student has to learn only a single technique called Expansion of Actor and Receiver columns and he can use it through out his life to make the Actor and Receiver columns for all the 1877 types of sentences in English.


Mr.  Sunny  :   Great in deed.  We like to hear more from you, please.


J. N. :  After this, we teach them details of 1877 usages of verbs systematically and with precision.  With this knowledge, the further study of English will be a joyful and comfortable flight in a super jet aeroplane.  That is why some of our students (even postgraduates) have admitted having learned more things from our ten-day course than what they learned in their whole life.


Mr. Sunny  :   Really marvelous! This is the result of using science in language teaching.     


J. N.    :  Above all, the learner gets a picture of the total English language in a single glance.  In this method of teaching, there will be large number of experts and scholars in English who will demonstrate their worth through their performance and not merely claim through their degrees.

Mr. Sunny  :  I really wonder ‘Why this methodology was not introduced in our educational system 31 years ago’.  How do you propose to conduct the classes  ?

J. N.  : Till the Government makes arrangement to introduce this methodology in schools and colleges directly; the school and college authorities can arrange to provide the course to their students in their own premises as parallel education.  Classes can be arranged by us for minimum 100 students at a time, one hour a day for 75 to 100 days.  Periods should be provided for the purpose before-hand for the ensuing year.

Mr. Sunny  :  What about your own classes for students ?

J. N.  : We can conduct classes for students of Schools and Colleges of an area for five hours a day for 20 Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.  The fees, including course materials (Four volume English book + the book on Personality Development) will be Rs.2,500/- per candidate, for a minimum of 100 participants, depending upon the distance from Kochi, Kerala.


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