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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.


Jacob Nettikkadan considers the real culprit of degradation of our country in the political, economic and moral fields is the low-valued education which has become exorbitantly costly. Wrong people occupying the helm of affairs, and research ending in PhD degrees are the ultimate causes. Mr. Nettikkadan proposes to introduce 'Defined Education and its implementation' as its total solution. For getting a clear and convincing idea about it, read item No.10-C in the above-given list. We need competent, scholarly and devoted teachers to drive the educational field upward, not "B.Ed or M.Ed degrees or degree holders". For that he wants to introduce the Best English Teachers' Training. Details are given above. Since our designated experts, scholars and researchers are not thinking in the right direction, all of us ourselves have to struggle for 'parallel education in schools'. The people of India unitedly should clamour : "We don't want any school/college which neglects the slogan : "Communication Skill is the life of education". They should also consider the authorities who spend public money in the educational field without achieving this objective 'anti-people, anti-social or anti-national' everywhere.


This proposal for a five year plan was made to the Hon'ble Education Minister Mr. P. K. Abdu Rabb by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan on 8th August, 2012. If this was agreed to by the Ministry, Mr. Nettikkadan was very confident that the Kerala youth would speak fluent English in five years. He wanted to use the Government owned audio and video facilities to spread his advanced technology to teach English with 100% accuracy, clarity, completeness and conviction, so that the learners will have a 'confusion-free and doubtless' learning. He wanted the youth to speak fluent English confidently and get highly paid jobs, to solve the unemployment problem. But the Education Ministry verbally asked him to get clearance from the SCERT (the Government sponsored Research organization), Thiruvanandapuram. Before he wrote a letter to them, Mr. Nettikkadan got a letter from them stating that 'only their researchers are allowed to prepare text books and study materials for schools and not outsiders'. Mr. Nettikkadan wrote a strong, interesting but revealing letter to them and wondered : " The SCERT has greater powers (without any accountability) than the elected representatives and the entire Cabinet of Ministers". Should the people of Kerala suffer the bad consequences silently and patiently ?

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Malayalam world's easiest language

Malayalam is the most scientific and easiest language in the world as per the Linguistic Yardstick invented by Jacob Nettikkadan. Asianet T.V. news cast on October 4, 2002 (at 1.00 p.m.) confirmed it. But our declared experts and scholars may take a few centuries to realize it. However, you can be proud to ratify it, if you read item No.10-B in the above given list. Those who read item No.10-A “Learn Uni Lingua instantly” first, can have ten times greater conviction and philological knowledge.


  • Science in Language Learning
  • Uni Lingua (a new world language)
  • J.N.'s New Thesis
  • A new book on Personality Development
  • A new book on Personality Development