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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.



(A job-oriented course to make you a "Rich employee asset" with high pay.) 


If you have failed to get a good job because you have no fluency in English, don't be disappointed; others have failed to use the required technology to give you good results. Look for and identify the best technology in "Nettikkadan Methodology" to learn English. This is our own invented technology, the most scientific available so far, to give you perfect knowledge, the needed skills, high self-confidence and satisfaction, with precision. Our distinctions are :

This is the first time, an educational institution is giving the following guarantees to its students. This is not equal to somebody bluffing you with " 100% guarantee ".

1.       You will get more accurate, clear, complete and convincing knowledge about the English language, especially about its internal decorations and designs, than what you have got from your whole life so far, from our 60 hour-class. We are able to guarantee you this, because we have made more than 5,700 corrections and improvements on the existing English language out of the inventions and discoveries made by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan during his 51 years of personal research. All these are available in his book "Easy Way To Learn English" in four volumes, specially made and used in the course as Text Book for your benefit.

2.      Our entire English teaching will be free from confusions or doubts. If you get confusions and doubts while you study, your Mind Power will not grow; your self confidence will be at low level. You will feel "dull" and lack high energy, enthusiasm, initiative, drive and smartness, needed to make you a good "leader" or "manager".

3.      We will give you the technique to think in English and make you use it to get fluency and courage to speak English. Without this, you will have to think ideas in your mother tongue and translate. Through translation, you cannot speak English naturally and spontaneously. Again, it will shake and weaken your self confidence. You will not become "a performer" and an "achiever" in your life.

4.      You will be taken through the four volumes of the English Text Book just like making a comfortable jet aeroplane journey within a short period, to cover vast areas of the English language, which you have covered in "bullock carts" during the whole of your school, college life.


5.   We will increase your Mind Power many times more during the course. This will happen when we make your mind work more.

6.     You will enjoy high level personality development, acquire leadership qualities and practical managerial aptitude to be truly ‘successful' in your future life.

Classes are from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. for 20 days, except Sunday. Every month a new course will start. Register your name for the course in advance on phone No.91-9846008621 or 0484-4047769; 0484-2330768 . Read more details :

(Duration of the course : 60 hours' class (20 days x 3 hours) for graduates and postgraduates who can understand English without fail. ) Do very hard work for a month and make your remaining life rich, prosperous, satisfying and enjoying fruits.

An educational miracle in Kochi !

 A golden chance to convert all your losses and failures in the educational field so far, into a glamorous gain/success, to build up a great future.

Learning English with us is a great fun, because we will not teach you what we learned from schools, colleges and Universities. We will teach you only what we have invented or discovered from our 51 years' research. In our Original Communicative English system, many difficult things are taught through similes, stories and graphic diagrams. You need not suffer boredom with us, because we impart very useful knowledge 100% accurately, clearly, completely and convincingly. Moreover, we will reveal many exciting secrets of Language Science to increase your Learning Interest. This gives you perfect knowledge which increases your confidence and makes you smart, energetic, enthusiastic and active. Otherwise you will be shy, hesitant, nervous, fearful and withdrawn. From our course, apart from learning all about the English language, you will learn hundreds of things to make your life successful : first you will learn about mind and its functions; what mind power is; how to develop mind power; what will make you a genius; what rationality and logic are, what common sense is; what science is; what research is; what leadership is; what the leadership qualities are; what management is; how to manage yourself and your own life before becoming ready to manage others; what human qualities you have to develop to become successful in life and to be loved by others etc. etc.



Course fee for Trained Teacher's class : Rs.300/- per hour – can be shared by six people.


Course fee for the inventor's class : Rs.1,000/- per hour – can be shared by six people.


Institutions, especially schools and colleges who wish to invite Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan, for group classes, will have to pay a higher amount according to the number of learners and the distance to be traveled by him. The greater the number, the lesser will be the per capita share of fee.




At Renewal Centre, Kaloor (very close to our Institute office) rooms are available for gents @ Rs.300/- per day. Three gents can stay by paying @ Rs.100/- per day. Otherwise the full amount has to be borne by the occupant. So, come in groups of three or six etc.

For ladies the rent will be @ Rs.400/- per day. Four ladies can stay in the room by paying @ Rs.100/- per day. Otherwise Rs.400/- will have to be borne by the occupant. So, come in groups of four, eight etc.

Cost of food from Renewal Centre will be @ Rs.145/- per day, per person. But it is not compulsory to take food from there. Food can also be taken from nearby hotels as you like.

Rates may be revised by Renewal Centre without notice.




Just ask a simple question to yourself : "What do I know about the English Language ? "

You may not even understand what is meant by the question. So, we shall explain it. Suppose a person studies in English medium school, college and completes the Engineering Degree. We can assume that he has lived in an English building for about 18 or 19 years. He must certainly be able to tell us something about that English building : "How many rooms in how many floors are there. What are the furniture and other things placed or facilities available in each room. What fittings and equipment are there. How beautiful is the total building and so on. But we may be shocked to listen to replies varying from "I don't know much about it", "Nobody has taught me such things", "In fact I don't know anything about the interior designs and decorations of the English Building, because it is nowhere in any syllabus".

It is correct and complete knowledge that fills your mind with CONFIDENCE to raise your head above others; absence of it will make you feel nervous, timid, shy, withdrawn, introvert and dull.


These are the details in the 5,700 improvements or corrections made by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan on the original English brought to India by the British. These 5,700 small inventions or discoveries made by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan on the English language, out of his research for 51 years, which alone are responsible for the guarantees mentioned above, are available in his book "Easy Way To Learn English" in four volumes used in the course conducted by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan.



For a fun, just ask the same question to some PhDs in English, M.A. in English Literature, Master of Communicative English degree holders, English professors and teachers of English medium schools and Researchers in English language all over the world, as well as the experts and scholars in Oxford University, U.K. and see whether they will give any better reply. We repeat : that is why they are not confident.



The Englishmen are not interested in improving the English language. Otherwise, they would have purchased the technology invented by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan and improved the English teaching all over the world to earn a lot of money. But they are interested in spreading IELTS coaching and earn more money through it, absolutely a wrong thinking, most irrational and illogical thinking.

According to Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan, "IELTS coaching is the process of teaching Bringlish (the defective style of speaking English by the Englishmen) to all third world population, so that they may understand the Bringlish spoken by the Englishmen". Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan has requested the British Council and their allies to teach Englishmen the proper English and make them speak English correctly, so that others in other countries will understand them. Presently, the Englishmen understand when outside world speak English without any problem. Only when they speak Bringlish, others fail to understand. The solution is that they have to learn to speak English in the correct way. You may get many more similar comments of Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan in a single page recorded by the Facebook, if you visit www.facebook and then write in the search : Jacob Nettikkadan or browse www.facebook/jacob.nettikkadan


Before joining the course : Read the 10 items about Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan's contributions to humanity (given in this website) and become 100% convinced about the promised outcome as well as possible thrill and excitement during the course.

Who can join the course ? : Graduates, postgraduates and under-graduates who can understand English well and have high ambition in life and are ready to work hard relentlessly and exclusively. Why, because you can get much more knowledge, skill and self-confidence about the English language than you have got throughout your life. Fluency depends on your present standard and the efforts you put in during the course. If you do not practice well, you will not become fluent automatically. Be ready to pay the price for the most valued skill in the world i.e. Excellent Communication Skill. You have to adhere to the instructions strictly to be 100% successful.

This course will be an unforgettable life experience and at the same time an invaluable, non-pareil achievement for the participants.


  • Science in Language Learning
  • Uni Lingua (a new world language)
  • J.N.'s New Thesis
  • A new book on Personality Development
  • A new book on Personality Development