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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.



Those who have no previous experience of Original Comm. English teaching system, may get a shock 'When they learn that there are 5,700 totally new things about the English Language in the new style of teaching English. They may wonder "How can we learn all these 5,700 new things? Will it not be a Himalayan mountain climbing to conquer the Everest!!". But when they realize that it is a matter of teaching 1,877 types of sentences in the whole English Language, by employing 1,877 techniques or formulae (or 1,877 chocolates to savour and enjoy) to discover 1,877 new usages or formulations of VERB in English, plus 69 totally new headings to transform the learners into WORLD'S TOP LEVEL ENGLISH COMMUNICATORS with a highly developed MIND POWER with an extra-ordinarily developed SUCCESSFUL PERSONALITY to perform top level deeds in any field, to lead a very prosperous career in life, it will definitely console the incumbent, because people SPEND HUGE AMOUNTS ON HIGHER EDUCATION only for achieving these results, anywhere in the world.

When candidates join our course and attend the first few hours' class conducted by a properly trained teacher, their mind will be enlightened with the correct and convincing answers for the questions like : "Why all the parents send their children to school? What is the purpose of learning different languages ? What is the need to teach children "How to make sentences in English (which was never done anywhere in the world till Jacob Nettikkadan started it newly in his first book in 1978). For making the students do this themselves in the class, he teaches them "What research is? The Purpose of Research? How does Research help them in their ordinary life including in their kitchen to create new items, to solve their problems, to answer every new question in their life and how to fulfil their ambitions to reach high level of achievement in their life, virtually building up a TRUE INVENTOR IN THEM". Making sentences in English is done 'by rationally, logically and wisely dividing a small sentence into three parts as "ACTOR", "ACTION" and ''RECEIVER OF ACTION" and teaching "HOW TO FILL UP ALL WORDS IN THE ENGLISH DICTIONARY" to make small sentences to speak or write anything that happens in our daily life. After some time, the richness of the taught matter reaches a level of "IMPOSSIBILITY" to go ahead without a miracle. Then he teaches them his own definition of "Science" and shows them "How Science can make the required MIRACLE to solve the problem." Their excitement and astonishment cross all upper limit and they also learn a new theme "The UNEXPLAINED side of PARTS OF SPEECH which gives them a new dimension in Language learning to shoot up their SELF CONFIDENCE closer to heaven.

Jacob Nettikkadan's scientific approach of teaching "How to express different words for the same action at three different times, like "see/sees, saw and will see" gradually expanding to 15 such timings to express everything that happens in our life, everyday, gIve great comfort, easiness and high confidence to brand new learners of the English Language in an easy way, since 1978, making vital change in the field of learning English and speaking it through simple drills of practice and learning to use thousands of similar VERBS instead of these, with ease.

At the end, a high level SECRET OF TOP PHILOLOGY is injected to the students to make them the world's top level philologists : "The English Language has only 9 types of words; four of them have only one each usage; nothing extra. Two types of words (Adjectives & Adverbs) have only two extra usages (all the three usages being called "Degrees"). Two more types of words (Nouns & Pronouns) have Families of seven each members and four more other usages) total eleven each; all the balance to be learned in English is about VERB = total 1,877 usages to express everything in our life altogether. The new system teaches : "There are eight types of VERBs, each having a maximum of 15 Tenses, taking the total to 120 (15x8), but a few are absent in English. Each of these Tense Forms will need a new form of Verb when we use them into each new family, but all the Tense Forms will not fit into all the 32 families. So, the total usage of VERB is only 1,877. This learning makes a terrible excitement, which can be completed in a test case within 100 hours' class in 34 days @ three hours' class per day.

All the sensible authorities of all the Universities in the world, who want to maintain high standard of teaching, will discard their vanity, excessive pride, arrogance and prejudice to seek our FRANCHISE for this course to make their students most competent in the world in dealing with the English Language, apart from granting a paper Degree.


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