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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.


that the media has skipped


The achievements of Jacob Nettikkadan

out of his 52 year's private research


The rarest philologist the world has ever seen


Jacob Nettikkadan, who has been doing private research in Calcutta (now Kolkata) and Kochi for the last 52 years, has achieved single-handedly 'what the whole world together could not produce in the last twenty centuries', through his six brand-new inventions in the Linguistic and Philological fields. Elaborate details in great length to corroborate these claims have been enumerated in his websites " OR .org OR OR .org , under the caption "TEN ITEMS OF JACOB NETTIKKADAN'S CONTRIBUTIONS" (the richest contents of websites in the world today, item No.4 and 5 being the most important among them). Mr. Nettikkadan has offered a price money of Rs.50,000 to any person who proves 'all his claims in the websites to be wrong or untrue'. According to him, when these six inventions are properly understood and implemented everywhere, the educational and career faces of the whole world will be dramatically and drastically changed, because students everywhere will gain 'quick communication skill, perfect and scholarly knowledge in languages without any confusions or doubts, to make them great performers in their future career'. People all over the world can heave a sigh of relief from the horrifying forebodings and shame of learning a language for 19 or 20 years and still failing to communicate in it, while being unable to have any scholarly insight or proper knowledge and self confidence about the inner designs and decorations of the language.

The six inventions of Mr. Nettikkadan that can make a great revolution in the whole world are : (1). "A Scientific Methodology For Learning Foreign Languages". This helps a person to learn any language including his own mother tongue in a very simple, easy, interesting and very systematic way with guaranteed results in the shortest time. (2) " The Anatomy of Language ( The Map of Language) " - which guides the learner of a language about (a) what is the total area of language i.e. how many types of  sentences are there in total; (b) what portion of that language is apportioned for spoken and written  purposes etc. (3)  "The Phonetic Alphabet" - which helps us to write as we hear and read exactly as we write, so as to take away the pain of learning spellings and pronunciations of words by heart. (4)  " The Scientific Language - Uni Lingua " - an artificial but the easiest language to learn and practise. UNESCO, France wanted Mr. Nettikkadan to build Uni Lingua into a global language in 1983 and Mr. Nettikkadan established Xavier Institute of Management in Calcutta (now Kolkata) to receive the fund for the same. The officers of Education Ministry in New Delhi did not clear the project. So the idea had to be put into cold storage at that time. But, now it is shaped fully well under Sl.No.10-A of "TEN ITEMS OF JACOB NETTIKKADAN'S CONTRIBUTIONS" in websites OR .org OR OR .org under the caption "Learn Uni Lingua instantly". " It is the eighth wonder in the world technology-wise" is the comment of a reader. Anybody who reads it will get high philological expertise. (5) "The Linguistic Yardstick" a device for measuring the unnecessary deviations or avoidable additions in various languages, which make the language more difficult to learn and practise. Uni Lingua has been built according to the basic concept of this. Malayalam has been adjudged as the "Easiest language in the world" according to this measurement. (6) " Practical Philology " (practical language science). This is a kit of tools, fixtures, rules and regulations as well as a lot of mysteries of language science that help one to study foreign languages easily, interestingly and with high level productivity.

Mr. Nettikkadan has added two new items, for the first time in the world, "science" and "Personality Development" along with two of his six inventions, i.e. "Anatomy of Language (Map of Language) and Practical Philology (Practical Language Science) to the process of English language teaching. He has prescribed a six-winged formula to teach a language, all of which together have converted the language teaching field from 'bullock-cart' age to 'jet aeroplane' era. The universally registered, six-winged formula or techniques for teaching a language scientifically to produce visible results, prescribed by Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan and contained or spread throughout his English Text book "Easy Way To Learn English" in four volumes, are : (a) Teaching how to make each type of expression or sentence in English (total 1877 types) by using one each simple, easy and interesting technique/formula (which is as simple, easy and interesting as chewing a chocolate). This alone, when supplied with the fluency techniques, will enable students to make their own sentences in English, as required, to communicate in English easily, with comfort and confidence. (b) Making the learners think in English directly. Without this, they will have to think the basic idea in their mother tongue and translate into English, which causes mistakes, delay and confusion. (c) Making the learners produce their own ideas quickly. Without producing their own ideas, they cannot communicate in any language effectively. Instead, they will have to learn by-heart what ideas other people produce. (d) Teaching fluency Techniques and getting 100% fluency at each level, before reaching overall fluency in English. Without learning to make new sentences, reciting them loudly as well as repeatedly and getting fluency at each level, they cannot achieve overall fluency in the language within a short time . (e) Convincing them about "What is being taught" and "Why they have to learn it". These two items will enhance students' learning interest to attend the class and learn everything with great inner urge and concentration as well as get perfect knowledge, which they can use in their future life, free from confusion and doubt, most convincingly. Otherwise, they will get knowledge without much conviction, only to pass the examinations and get promotions, not to use practically in future life. (f) Making them do the required activities to stimulate mental growth (food for their mind) so that their mind develops, strengthens and functions efficiently and effectively. This makes them smart, active, energetic, enthusiastic and confident. Otherwise they become shy, timid, nervous, withdrawn, confused and filled with inferiority complex. Mr. Nettikkadan uses his own book "The Importance of Personality Development" for this purpose, without which education will be incomplete for students. This book will make students understand the secrets of functions of mind, by using which they can enlarge the volume and power of their mind, to succeed in their future life. They will be taught what the good human qualities and the vices are, with correct definitions, apart from learning how to possess excellent attitude and behave with others in the society lovably. They will also learn what are leadership qualities and abilities as well as how to develop managerial aptitude. These items enhance their employability when they enter their career field.

Mr. Nettikkadan's first invention in 1978 i.e. "The Scientific Methodology to Learn Foreign Languages", now renamed as "Original Communicative English" contains more than 5,700 small inventions and discoveries on English, which are added to the English teaching system brought into India by the British centuries ago. This addition is responsible for making his English Text Book "Easy Way to Learn English" in four volumes (Easiest English, Easier English, Easy English, Higher English & Correspondence) which took eight years to complete, extremely simple, easy, systematic, interesting and guaranteeing communicative ability in English in an amazingly shorter period. Both these together enable learners of "Nettikkadan Methodology" to get many times more knowledge about the English language than even the PhD holders in English from any University in the world, because such PhD holders do not know about these inventions. All these together make the inventor a rare philologist in the world throughout the 20 centuries, who alone is able to guarantee learners to teach English without any confusions, doubts or lack of self-confidence. He also teaches his students "What the purpose of research is, how to do it practically to produce inventions and discoveries in the class itself" and also "What science is, how to apply it in language study and also in everyday life". What self-confidence these items produce in the students has to be actually experienced; it cannot be explained in words.


Some sample testimonials are : Mr. A. M. A. Mohamed, Doha, Qatar - He failed to get any benefit from attending the course of (a) British Council (b) ELS, American Centre at Doha, Qatar and (c) staying in London for 40 days and studying English. So, he came to us and got full satisfaction within 17 days. His comments were : "I used to fear English, but now I love it. English was hard like rock earlier, but it is soft as butter now. Mr. Jacob gave me ten times more knowledge and ability than my 16 years' study in schools, colleges and university".

         A Brtish lady Mrs. Jean Margaret Saha : "Each lesson led me to the next part of English grammar without any hesitation". .. "Best of all I find that I can correct the grammatical mistakes I used to make even though my mother tongue is English".

         Dr. N. R. Gramaprakash PhD. : "I have the greatest admiration for Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan, because he made me speak fluent English confidently, just in 10 days. It is nothing less than a miracle."

         Dr. (Mrs.) Janaky Sreedharan (PhD) in English from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi: "The course provides an admirably simple and easy approach to English language and its basic grammar. .

         Miss Moly Thomas, 1st rank holder for M.Sc. (Physics), M.G. University : If I had not joined this course, I would have remained handicapped in my standard of English . "I am really proud to be known as your student".

Hundreds of more comments of participants are given in the website and the books.

Mr. Nettikkadan's sorrow is that though his invention of this very useful English teaching system was made 35 years ago in 1978, not even one percent of the Indian population has been able to make benefit out of it, only due to the official apathy of the Government Researchers and the lack of political will-power of the educational authorities. Mr. Jacob approached the National Research Agency 'NCERT", New Delhi a decade back. He sent three letters to the Human Resource Development Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal at New Delhi in 2010 and another letter to the Education Minister of Kerala Mr. P.K. Abdu Rabb in 2012 with a guarantee to make all Higher Secondary School students in every school speak fluent English confidently if his methodology and English Text Book are introduced in all schools and teachers trained in his methodology alone teach English, using his English text books. The NCERT and HRD Ministry, New Delhi did not even acknowledge the letters. The Kerala Education Ministry directed him to approach the SCERT, Thiruvanandapuram and get their clearance. The SCERT informed him that according to their policy, only the Government appointed researchers will be allowed to make lessons for school system. Mr. Jacob also made an appeal to the Hon'ble Chief Minister, the Education Minister and the Minister of Cultural Affairs to make a " Five Year Plan to make the youth of Kerala speak fluent English confidently in five years, by using the visual media of the Government, which would have really changed the face of Kerala, but the same direction to approach the SCERT came from the Education Ministry, denying the birth-right of the Indian people to enjoy the fruit of the most beneficial private invention of the land in language learning.

So, in order to help the people of Kerala and India indirectly, Mr. Nettikkadan has decided to start an "English Teachers' Training Programme" under a new banner "JACOB NETTIKKADAN 'BEST ENGLISH TEACHERS'. He intents to offer such trained teachers to schools and colleges so that the students there can learn English as per the methodology invented by Mr. Nettikkadan and be confident to speak fluent English and secure appropriate employment, since the course will improve the employability of students when they become professional. The speciality of the English teachers to be trained by Mr. Nettikkadan will be that they will be able to guarantee their students : (1) Perfect, scholarly and useful knowledge in English every hour of the class, most interestingly, 100% clearly, accurately, completely and convincingly i.e. without any confusions or doubts; (2) Teach the technique to think in English directly and dive into fluency; (3) Many times more unknown knowledge about the English language than they have got in their whole life; (4) Many times more development of Mind Power which alone will make their life really successful. Some schools have already showed interest to appoint such English Teachers trained by us at high monthly salary.

According to Search-engines, nobody else is known to have attempted and succeeded to become Mr. Nettikkadan's predecessor or successor in the world for the last 20 centuries. It is another mystery 'why under such glaring visual and print media as is available today, such achievements have remained unknown and unheard of as well as not usefully used by the Government authorities for 35 years !! In history, there is another similar instance : 'William Shakespeare is presently regarded the greatest English Poet and Dramatist in the whole world; but he was totally unknown to the world during his life-time and 400 years after his death'.

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It was the Englishmen who started teaching English to Indians, say about 300 years back. But 99.9% of the Indian learners, even postgraduates, could not speak English. Then the British people told our great Experts, scholars and researchers :

" You idiots cannot learn our language and speak it even if you learn it for 20 years. Our language is so great !


Then our extraordinary experts, scholars and researchers found that vast majority of the postgraduates (M.A./Msc./ + B.Ed) could not speak English even like a three old child in England. So, all the Indians believed what the Englishmen told. Their admiration to the British got converted into "adoration", and it rose equal to God or even more !! In these 300 years, millions of people in the whole world did research in different Universities all over the world on the subject "English Teaching Method" and got PhD degrees. But, it was Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan, who has no PhD degree that discovered the horrible truth "Even today the British people have not invented or devised any technique or formula to make Indian or similar students learn English and speak English in the classrooms. They can only teach the English-born children "How to read and write English", who learned to speak English from their own homes, because English is their mother tongue.


The Indian media has refused to carry this as a news item and inform the general public the truth, so that the 'guilty feeling of those who cannot speak English' can be removed from their mind. How loyal the media people are to their old masters !!


* * * * * *



Hundreds of years ago, the powerful Englishmen told the whole world :


" Idiots read as they write, but, intelligent men write in one way and read it in another way ".


The experts, scholars and researchers all over the world felt terribly confused, because it was against their own understanding, belief and practice. Yet they had no courage or guts to say anything against the mighty British people or question their statement. The British wrote "parippuvada" (a snack) and read it as "Palpayasam" (a sweet dish) centuries ago. People in the whole world became stunned ! They had no other option but to follow the British and learned the spellings and pronunciations of English words by heart. The British adopted this style in their whole dictionary except for the two words "I" and "a". The experts, scholars and researchers converted their admiration for the British into "eternal adoration" by exclaiming : "My God ! Even God cannot do this great feat !!" Since then the entire world has been following the system of learning by heart "spellings and pronunciations of English words" without knowing the immense but hidden task as well as the irrationality behind it.


It is Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan who condemns this idiotic idea of the white man and ridicules it. He has also discovered that English may be the only language in the world which has one alphabet to write the language and another alphabet to read the words (as is used in the English dictionary). Mr. Nettikkadan has also discovered that unlike in other languages, English gives one sound to each alphabet, but while using them, either that sound is ignored totally or several other sounds are substituted for each alphabet. This is ridiculously foolish and torturous for the users of the language, only because of irrational thinking and application by the introducer !! The whole world is suffering this unique defect of the English language. Mr. Nettikkadan wants to introduce Uni Lingua, the artificial language built up by himself which is the easiest and free from all the defects of other languages, especially English, because he has developed an alphabet which can be used to write as we hear and read exactly as we write. A miniature language Uni Lingua is available under serial No.10-A under TEN ITEMS OF JACOB NETTIKKADAN'S CONTRIBUTIONS in his / .org OR / .org . If you read it and grasp it fully well, you can become a good philologist yourself.


* * * * *


  • Science in Language Learning
  • Uni Lingua (a new world language)
  • J.N.'s New Thesis
  • A new book on Personality Development
  • A new book on Personality Development