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The Inventor of Orginal Communicative English, five other brand new inventions and a new thesis on language teaching.


Learn English - TO COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH with guarantee.

There is only one philologist in the world today, who can guarantee it, to those who succeed in doing their duties well. That is INVENTOR JACOB NETTIKKADAN of Kaloor, Kochi – 682017, Kerala. He alone has invented the English Teaching system in the last 20 centuries that ensures you to make your own sentences in English (1,877 types in total), think in English directly, and practice to speak English at three levels : Child Level English by learning three levels; Adult Level English with 15 levels; International Level English by using 1,877 levels. This is the only system of teaching English in the world, which has NO FAILURE at all ! With him, you learn to express ideas by using one NEW USAGE of Verb in each type of sentence and 1,877 new usages in the total course of 100 hours. That elevates your self confidence to the top of Mount Everest, not just to the Himalayas, TO MAKE YOU THE NEPOLEON in English, with no competitor at all. Find out another English professor or PhD in English, who can teach you even 500 new usages of VERB IN ENGLISH, each increasing your speaking skill elegantly. 1,877 usages of VERB IN ENGLISH makes you a mental giant and an English scholar. His four volume English Text Books is a ‘long ladder to climb up to the top of the English Language in 1,877 steps; but his English class reaches you to the top in a lift or elevator, in 34 working days, to cover 100 hour class.

He selects and trains the successful candidates who pass out from his 100 hour class to make them THE BEST ENGLISH TEACHERS in the world, in further three months. who can give the same guarantees to their students.

Other trump cards for your career : a) Visible Personality and Leadership Development; b) High Mind Power Development and maturity; c) Interview Training ; d) Secrets of becoming successful in life; e) Extra guarantee : No confusion, doubts or misunderstanding during the entire course; only perfect and scholarly knowledge with 100% accuracy, clarity, completeness and conviction.

Course fee : Rs.6,100. per person; Cost of five books Rs.900.00, for 50 hour class in 17 days. Total: Rs.7,000. Certificate will be given to those who secure minimum 60% marks only in all the tests.

Only those who can understand English well, should join the course. They will learn to speak English, as they attend the class and practice to do exercise well.

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1. OUR NEXT COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH COURSE will start on Monday the 08th January, 2018 for 50 hours. Class time : 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. For 17 days except Sundays.

Medium of course : English.

Course fee : Rs.6,100.00; cost of 5 books : Rs.900.

Total Rs.7,000. Total seats : 16.


Buy our 5 books and register your name or remit

Rs.1,000 to our bank account for registering your name for the course. For our Bank Account details, search under heading : "BOOKS AND BOOK PURCHASE" in our website OR / .org and send an e-mail giving your full details including Phone number in which case please make sure that you get our confirmation of your seat. If 10 candidates do not register their names, the course may be postponed. Contact : 91-9846008621; 91-7025268532 (Use IMO or WhatsAap free).

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD CAN BE ARRANGED @ Rs.5,000 per month for shared rooms. More comfort can be offered at extra cost. Contact for details : 9846008621.

One to one - class @ Rs.2,000 per hour

by the Inventor;

by trained teacher @ Rs.500 per hour

( two people of similar standard can

share the fees, if desired).

Course Fee at other centres in Kochi :
for those who can understand English

well to pick up quick speaking ability:

Rs.10,000 for 100 hours' class; )

Rs.7,500 for 75 hours' class ) Cost of 5 books

Rs.6,100 for 50 hours' class; ) @ Rs.900

Rs.5,000 for 40 hours' class;

Rs.3,500 for 25 hours' class. )

Read details in our new website (also in Malayalam) ;

and if you feel that you can get a return of 10 TIMES OF THE MONEY YOU SPEND only,

join the course.

Guarantees :

There will be no CONFUSION, DOUBT or

MISUNDERSTANDING in the whole course; perfect and useful knowledge about SPOKEN AND WRITTEN ENGLISH WILL BE GIVEN in the most interesting way. For more details, please read items No.1, 2, 3 and 4 of TEN ITEMS OF JACOB NETTIKKDAN'S CONTRIBUTIONS and also PROFILE OF INVENTOR JN in our websites / .org

OR / .org


This course is meant only for those who have high ambition to rise in life and are ready to give the price for it i.e. only for those who are willingly and happily ready to obey the rules and instructions sincerely, because the fluency factor can be achieved only through rigorous and accurate practice to make new sentences and recite them repeatedly till fluency is achieved, at each level.



You have to bring Volume No.1 (Easiest English) and a Note Book of 200 pages along with two writing pens. When the first book finishes only, you have to bring other books, one by one.


1. Mr. A. M. A. Mohamed, Doha, Qatar.

He failed to get benefit from attending the course of (a) The British Council, (b) The ELS American Centre at Doha, Qatar and (c) staying in London for 40 days and studying English. So, he came to us and got full satisfaction. His

comments are : "I got a clear idea (better to say a clear picture)

of the English language and now I can communicate in

English with confidence... I used to fear English, but now I

love it. English was hard like rock earlier, but it is soft as

butter now. The Nettikkadan Methodology is really great and

actually a miraculous one".

Read the full comment from the


2. A British lady - Mrs. Jean Margaret Saha : "Each lesson led me

to the next part of English grammar without any hesitation. .....Best of

all I find that I can correct the grammatical mistakes I used to make

even though my mother tongue is English".

3. Dr. N. R. Gramaprakash PhD. :

" I have the greatest admiration for Mr. Jacob Nettikkadan, because he made me speak fluent English confidently, just in 10 days. It is nothing less than a miracle". Read hundreds of comments like these from our website : "Comments of Past Students"


  • Science in Language Learning
  • Uni Lingua (a new world language)
  • J.N.'s New Thesis
  • A new book on Personality Development
  • A new book on Personality Development