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8th August, 2012.


Hon'ble Minister of Education

Sri. P. K. Abdu Rabb,

Government of Kerala,



Sir, Proposal for a five year plan to make Kerala Youth speak fluent English


This refers to the Memorandum dated 24th July, 2012, I submitted personally in your office to your P.A. Mr. M. Sainullabdeen, along with a set of my English Text Book "Easy Way To Learn English" in four volumes and The Importance of Personality Development on 27th July, 2012.


Copy of my letter dated 1st August, 2012 addressed to the Director, SCERT, T'Puram is enclosed, against his claim that the presentation of my methodology six years ago was not liked by some of the people who attended the talk. The letter deserves your personal attention as the contents include many important unusual messages in it which as the Education Minister you should know and let the countrymen know it in turn.


I have cited very serious crimes committed by the ignorant and incompetent Government appointed researchers which have killed the inventors and their inventions of our nation in the public eyes and spoiled the chance of our nation making benefits of such great inventions. This negative attitude of theirs, without producing anything worthwhile and useful for the progress of the educational field, should not be allowed by the political authorities in order to save future generations.


I request you to kindly declare "A five year plan to make Kerala (youth) speak fluent English" by allotting an appropriate amount, say Rs.500 crores, to buy the new methodology invented by me (The Original Communicative English), the copy rights of my English Text Book "Easy Way To Learn English" in four volumes - to be divided into smaller bits and distributed in all classes from class 7, and for training the English teachers to teach English in a very systematic way - very easily and interestingly - just like climbing a long ladder from the bottom to the zenith. Students should get the correct and full knowledge about the English language 100% accurately, clearly, completely and convincingly i.e. without any confusions or doubts, so that they will speak impressive English fluently and confidently, to become very smart, active and performing youth. These are essential to make learning of English very interesting and highly motivating and producing good communicators and real scholars in English, instead of creating "Master Degree holders who do not know anything about the English language and totally confused with lots of doubts, feeling bored and hating learning in general.


If this project is taken up with the same type of political willpower and determination as demonstrated in the case of Koch's Metro Railway system which was dilly dallying for the previous five year period, Kerala will be able to boast lots of specialities to be the most exemplary State in India in providing value added, true education and producing visible results for the money spent on the project. Our youth will shine in all the fields of mental activities and competitions, both in the country and abroad. They will bring in huge amount of foreign exchange for our country.


I also request you to kindly get the report from the Director, SCERT on my claim that I am the "Most benevolent philologist in the world in 20 centuries" as claimed in my websites / .org OR / .org and decide upon a deserving Cash Award for the lion's share of contributions in the Linguistic field out of my 51 years' personal research, without getting any Governmental support at all.


You are also requested to kindly make arrangements to make a video programme through the State visual media, containing the foundation of English, which is still lying in Great Britain (as the British could not import it into India from the schools of Britain, for the 250 years of their rule in India), because the children in Britain obtain the English speaking ability in their own homes and not in schools. This is a big revelation which has not been known to the scholars/experts or researchers in Britain or in any other country for the last 300 years that "the Englishman attempted to build the English Building in other countries without any foundation or building plan". That is why after learning for 19/20 years and becoming Postgraduates, 99.9% of our students failed to speak fluent English, not because of their mental deficiency or incompetence as believed widely by most victims of this human-made tragedy. This is also to recognize that the English teaching system imported from the U.K. and introduced in India and other countries is only to teach how to read and write to those who learn to speak English at their own homes and they have not invented any system to teach them how to speak English in classrooms (which is the central theme of my invention in 1978).


Awaiting your kind and favourable reply,


Cordially yours,





Enlc: copy of letter addressed to the Director, SCERT, T'Puram dated 1st August, 2012.


Copy to Hon'ble Chief Minister Sri. Oommen Chandy - for kind information and with a request to offer political support to accomplish the mission.





Flat No.502-B, City Palace (E.V.Homes), 36/2677, Azad Road, Kaloor, Kochi - 682017, Kerala

Phone No. 91-9846008621; 0484-4047769. E-mail: / .org

Website : / .org OR / .org

1stAugust, 2012.


The Director, SCERT,

Vidyabhavan, Poojapura,

T.PURAM 695012 For the personal attn. of Mr. K.A. Hashim



Sub: General Education - expertise in English

Ref. : Your letter Programme 1/1024/2012/SCERT dated 07-0702012

reg. Director of General Education letter No.Nep 2/80173/2011/DPI


I hereby acknowledge receipt of your letter mentioned above. In your letter you have stated that 'A section of the teachers who were assigned to attend my talk a few years ago, did not agree to the creation of the methodology invented by me, theoretically.' But the fact was that Prof. Ravindran Nair was the person who was assigned to evaluate my scientific methodology by the then Director Mr. Valsalakumar. He had allotted to me half an hour inside a big hall where all the air-conditioners were off and without any fan. It was terribly hot inside. Yet, nine or ten teachers who attended to my talk listened to me with great interest for nearly two hours, till the lunch time. After the talk Prof. Ravindran Nair told me personally to contact the (then) Hon'ble Minister Mr. E. T. Mohammed Bhasheer and get his order to introduce the system very soon, as otherwise the election date will be declared, after which the Minister cannot make a decision. The election date was declared 15 days earlier than expected. So, nothing could be done by that Minister. It is also stated in your referred letter, as the LDF people also told during their rule, that study materials cannot be prepared by anybody outside the SCERT.


During the last 300 years, the British or the NCERT/SCERT or University experts /scholars /researchers have not understood the real reason for 99.9% of learners of English failing to speak English even after learning for 18/19 years from experts. The real reason is that 'the British wanted to construct the English building in India and other countries, without any foundation and building plan'. They wanted to import the English speaking ability from the schools of Great Britain and introduce it in Indian schools, but they failed because the children in Britain learn to speak English from their own homes, not from schools. So, they could import a system to teach to read and write English to those students only who learned to speak English from their own homes before coming to schools. In India and other countries, children do not get the chance to learn to speak English from home. But, when they go to schools, the system has no provision to make them speak English in classrooms. So, our postgraduates and many of the M. Phils and PhD holders cannot speak English. But they believe that it is due to their own incompetence or deficiency.


I found out the real remedy for this horrible situation through my invention of The Original Communicative English teaching system in 1978, which has provision to teach students to speak English in classrooms. I have been teaching this system most successfully since 1985. I am able to make such postgraduates speak English fluently within a few days or weeks, because my invention contains the most needed six tools to fulfil the purpose surely and with guarantee. These six trump cards are mentioned in my memorandum to the Government of Kerala dated 24th July, 2012, a copy of which is enclosed. The pity is that both you the paid researchers and the British have not been able to understand my attempt for the last 34 years, because you never wanted to look at new things and accept it. Yet you are continuing your research vigorously spending billions and trillions of rupees of the Indian tax payers. This is a national wastage, a national level crime. It should be stopped forthwith at any cost, even if a country-wide agitation by the people is essential.




In this context, I wish to remind you that the greatest natural scientist of India is now languishing in the jails of Tamil Nadu for no fault of his. This happened only because the Government authorities appointed some people as "scientists" who had no 'knowledge of science' nor any 'sense of science, NOT EVEN ORDINARY COMMON SENSE'. Many years back, Mr. Ramar Pillai, who did not have much educational background, invented a simple, cheap fuel to run motor vehicles, by substituting the costly petrol. When he got media attention, he was asked to demonstrate his invention in a public place, in front of the media. He used about 95% pure water and mixed it with 5% petrol together with the juice of an unknown wild plant. After the new fuel was prepared, he distributed it to the waiting two wheelers and four wheelers. The vehicles ran on the newly invented fuel perfectly well. But the Government designated scientist described the inventor as "Cheat". The reason given by the "sponsored scientist" was that the new fuel did not contain the chemical composition of petrol. Ramar Pillai never claimed that his newly invented product is 'petrol' - an existing product, nor did he claim that his new product will contain the chemical composition of petrol. He only claimed that the fuel, which will be extremely cheap, will run motor vehicles as a substitute of 'petrol' - and the motorists were very happy with its performance. The sponsored scientist's lack of knowledge of science and faulty imagination caused the killing of India's most natural scientist. No media raised any objection to the so called "scientist's unkind remark". Mr. Ramar Pillai did not have a good educational background. So, he could not take steps to patent his new product. Had he been supported by the "Government sponsored scientist" and if proper support was given to him to develop the new fuel at that time, India's face would have been different today, because it would have saved trillions of dollars for the country on account of import of crude oil and refining it into petrol. But, Mr. Ramar Pillai's luck was not beheaded by the scientist's ignorance at that time. The Government of Tamil Nadu came forward to support the invention by offering financial and other support. Mr. Pillai started producing his new fuel regularly in a factory in Tamil Nadu and sold 500 liters of his fuel every morning, for quite some time. 50 vehicles would queue up to collect it @ 10 liters at very cheap rate.


I was called a "Philologist" (language scientist) by the newspaper 'Economic Times' at Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1982, only because I produced "science" in my methodology to teach English. A person should be considered a scientist, only when he produces 'science' and not because he holds a University degree. Regarding the 'sponsored scientist's decision' to check up the chemical composition of petrol in the new fuel, I have to say that even the severest mental patient in the world would not think of finding chemical composition of petrol in 95% water. It proved that he did not have any knowledge or even sense of science or plain common sense of an urchin child in the street, but he is designated "scientist", paid fat salary and had the hope of getting ever increasing pension when he retires. All sensible people should feel ashamed of the whole story.


Now Ramar Pillai is in Tamil Nadu jail; the cause is not that his fuel is not running motor vehicles as he promised, but because the CBI has made another allegation that he is not using 5% pure petrol, but the waste of petrol. If I am allowed to comment about this, I would say that he has proved to be a greater scientist, because his product is cheaper without using actual petrol but waste of petrol and producing the desired result. I sincerely believe that this dastardly or heinous crime to put an innocent scientist, most useful inventor in jail due to the wrong notion or ignorance of some 'Government designated people' has brought curse to the whole country and it will continue for centuries. Even the unusual drought we are suffering in India now, may be due to it. I am telling all these stories to you with a fervent request not to destroy or degrade my invention, which is the product of a supernatural or divine intervention. It is a top class invention, because I am able to produce a good result in 20 days what your researchers cannot do in 20 years. In the last 65 years of Independent India, your department or even NCERT has not made any worthy invention, though trillions of rupees have been spent by the Governments in India, whereas I have produced more than what the whole world has produced together throughout 20 centuries, in the linguistic field. If you could not produce anything, it is not a crime, but if you or your department prevents precious inventions as mine, and deprive our countrymen from enjoying the fruit of it, it is certainly a national crime; an unforgivable crime; you cannot escape befitting punishment for it.


In Great Britain, the people who made the most remarkable inventions are not PhD holders or even postgraduates, but non-matriculates like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton. But the Universities, who could not make any invention, had the wisdom to accept and recognize those brilliant inventions, taught them to students and did further research in it. But here you have the guts to decide not to make use of any great and useful invention made by a Keralite for the benefit of the people of Kerala !! For your information, my guarantee and my proposal, made to the Hon'ble Government of Kerala is that 'if my invention - the Original Communicative English course is introduced in all schools of Kerala, if my English Text Book - Easy Way To Learn English in four volumes - is divided into small bits and then distributed to each class, if all the teachers who teach English in schools are trained by me to teach English 100% clearly, accurately, completely and convincingly - without any confusions or doubts, when our students reach class 12, there will not be a single student who cannot speak fluent English confidently. There will be no unemployment problem, as they will have a highly developed personality, smartness, active habits, high self confidence etc.


Another of my inventions is a 'Linguistic Yardstick' to measure unnecessary complexities in different languages, during the research of which I found out that Malayalam is the easiest language in the world. In 1982, I proved it in my book "Inventions Galore" theoretically that Malayalam is the easiest language in the world. But in 2002, I proved it practically too and it became a T.V. news. I taught a dentist from Karnataka who stayed in Kerala for three months, but could not make any expressions in Malayalam. She told me "It is impossible to learn your language". I guaranteed her that within two hours I could change her wrong impression and offered to teach her Malayalam for two hours, using the methodology used in Original Communicative English. After that she was able to make herself hundreds of small sentences in Malayalam. Asianet T.V. covered the news on October, 4th in 2002 at 1.00 p.m. But no expert or scholar wanted to know anything about it from me. Kerala Language Institute, T'Puram appointed one of its old employees to reinvent the idea instead of encouraging me.


I also like to point out one more thing for arousing your thinking power. Today all the people all over the world consider William Shakespeare as the top class poet/dramatist of the English language. But when he was living or for the first 400 years after his death, he was not known, his dramas were not enacted anywhere. But after 400 years, it became popular and there were theaters in England which ran only Shakespeare's dramas throughout the year. Why did it happen ? Why Shakespeare was not popular when he was alive, and for the first 400 years after his death ? I have the answer for it. The standard of his creation was so high and beyond the reach of the scholars of his time. But, because educational standard was going higher and higher year after year, after 400 years, people could reach the standard of Shakespeare and understand the value of his creation. Then they accepted and appreciated it; even adored it.


But in my case, such a hope also does not exist. That is because the educational standard is going steadily and fast downward. So after 400 years of my death, people will be far apart from the level of my invention which will be buried along with my dead body. But if I am allowed to spread it in all schools of Kerala, and give proper training to the teachers, next generations will be better than me and the State will shine, no, glitter all over the world. In this context I wish to enclose a copy of the Memorandum I have submitted to the Government of Kerala in this connection.


I also want to request you to take the lead to study my websites - details of the Original Communicative English course offered by me and the Ten Items of Jacob Nettikkadan's Contributions and either ratify my claims as the "Most Benevolent Philologist in the world for 20 centuries" or give alternative people's names and details of their contributions. To encourage this, I have offered Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty thousand) from my personal fund. I want this because I have requested the Government of Kerala to grant me a befitting Cash Award for my contributions of inventions as well as discoveries and use them for the benefit of future generations.


In your letter you have mentioned that some of those who attended my talk about my invention, did not like my creation theoretically. The reasons are already given above. Still I am ready to offer a fresh presentation of my creation in front of the media where your people, other independent scholars and experts of the society, including the representatives of Ministers can attend and give comments.


I also propose that you arrange a test course for my methodology only for a month. You can announce about such a test course for about 25 or 30 postgraduates from all over Kerala, who cannot speak fluent English now, give them free accommodation and food and allow them to attend my course for a month. You can decide about the fee to be collected from them and paid to me. Let them give a short daily report to the Hon'ble Ministers directly and to the media, especially the Government's visual media. At the end of the course, they can be interviewed by the media and your people. If the result is satisfactory, then you can expect that in 10 or 12 years, through the school system, they will achieve the result what I have promised, without any home work or tuition. I believe in guaranteed and visible results, which so far nobody has offered.


As a further contribution to my home State, I would like to offer my services to evaluate publicly our scholars in SCERT, so that they will know where they actually stand in the field. That will be an eye-opener for them, all our bureaucrats, our political authorities and the people in general.


Finally I realize that you as the head of SCERT, without any accountability direct to the people of Kerala, have the legal or customary status to introduce or stop any new programme, which the entire Cabinet of Kerala State does not have the power to undo. What a funny function of democracy !! Hail the wisdom of the legislative power behind it !!


Awaiting your kind compliance at an early date, and

with personal warm regards,


Cordially yours,





Copy to Hon'ble Minister of Education Mr. P. K. Abdu Rabb - with a request to declare 'A five year plan to make Kerala speak fluent English' by allotting Rs.500 crores for its implementation forthwith.


Copy to Hon'ble Chief Minister Sri. Oommen Chandy - to support this programme with the same firm political willpower as shown in 'Kochi's Metro railway', and make Kerala progress as the most exemplary, progressive State in India.


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